In light of the government’s announcement in respect of COVID19, like many others, we’ve had to temporarily close. We intend to then reopen in June, obviously depending on when this craziness ends!
If you have a booking with us, we’re able to offer you one of three options for your booking. You can postpone it now to a new date you decide, we can offer a credit that you can then use any time in the future for a new booking (when things are a bit more predictable!), or we can create a gift voucher you can have, effectively allowing you to gift the experience to someone else.
Please email us ASAP at with some details on your booking and which of the options above you would like to take.
You are still able to purchase gift vouchers on the website, that last for two years and can be used to book any one of our 21 games at the 4 locations. Every one of those really helps us too, in these difficult times.
It’s worth saying now that with all the help announced, and a lot of hard work, we’re absolutely certain we’ll eventually be providing awesome experiences again and for many, many years to come! 
Best regards
Dave & Pete