Escape Rooms have always been a great way to spend some time with your Friends, Colleagues and Family. Now, in the era of COVID19, we believe they are even more so. There are obvious risks in entering a crowded bar, sitting in a busy restaurant, or sharing the cinema with many other people.

However, in an Escape Room;

Your group will be on its own in the experience

You book the game just for you. We have also reduced the number of games we run at any one time, and amended our process for managing games, so you never start or finish alongside other teams.

You won’t meet other people coming in or out of the branch

We’ve extended the time between games to ensure you aren’t coming in or leaving at the same time as others. We‘ve also introduced new customer flows, waiting areas and briefing processes to ensure you can enjoy your experience just with those you came along with.

Everyone on site wears gloves and masks

In order to ensure things remain as clean as is possible, we now ask everyone to wear gloves and masks. We’ll provide you with disposable gloves free of charge on entering the building, and masks if you don’t have your own (at cost price). All our staff will be similarly equipped,whilst also managing most of your experience from acompletely different room!

Regular cleaning 

All our sites undergo daily cleaning, at the beginning of every day and then, between each game to ensure you can just focus on having fun!