Secret Sam - escape room mission agent Blog
30th September 2018

How will we help you on your top secret escape room mission?

What had I signed up for? Three weeks ago I started working for Exciting Escapes in Southampton, and I was indeed excited to work somewhere I knew would be fun and different. Little did I know what I had actually signed up for. I was actually becoming part of a…

Escape room manager Blog
4th September 2018

I’ve watched over two thousand teams play our escape rooms, what have I learned?

My name is Eloise and I have been the Exciting Escapes Branch Manager for Basingstoke for over a year. I have watched over 2,000 teams play our escape rooms and seen some extraordinary things! Below are some escape room hints and tips from all that I have learned; 1) Hunt…

14th March 2018

Six Months of Espionage

182 days, 3015 games, 12846 customers, and an incalculable number of cups of tea later… I have completed my first six months as the Branch Manager of Exciting Escapes, Southampton! I have been taking some time to reflect on what has been one of the fastest, most jam-packed six months…

Mission accomplished! Blog
7th October 2017

Exciting Escapes! – a blog post by Sarah Vear (Enjoy Hampshire)

  Locked up with colleagues! Granted, at first thought, spending an hour locked in a room with your colleagues may not sound like a good time, and wouldn’t normally be our idea of fun. Exciting Escapes has changed our minds! Immersion You may have heard about, or visited, escape rooms…

Fun wth friends and family Blog
8th August 2017

How to have more fun with friends and family – escape rooms – the perfect group experience!

Fun with friends and family If I may I will start with a question – what sort of things do you do to have fun with friends and family? When I was thinking about this blog post I asked myself this same question and I came up with the following…

19th June 2017

Locking up the kids…

36 hours, nearly a hundred 8 year-olds, lots of glasses of squash….. Last week i stood in our reception watching the last of 90 or so eight year old children form a line behind their teacher, thank us in unison for a fab school trip, and then file out the store in…

Escape room owner - probably the best job in the world Blog
7th April 2017

Why I have the best job in the world – Escape Room owner

Three days ago it was my birthday. I am now 44 years old. I always tend to take stock of my life at about this time and this year I realised something. I probably have one of the best jobs in the world – Escape Room owner! The best jobs…

8th February 2017

“So what is it you actually do?”

A man came into the shop last week. We get more and more walk-ins to play and book so I walked up to say Hi. He asked me if i could help him get away this weekend. Sure thing i said – our experiences are definitely good escapism. Great he…

19th January 2017

The 6 reasons why an escape room is the perfect first date night!

Picture the scene. You are thinking of asking your perfect man / woman out on your very first ever date. You realise that your whole future life together – house, marriage, kids etc rests on this first romantic encounter. You then realise “maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself…

13th December 2016

5 questions answered for Escape Room beginners – #4 is very important!

I’d like to tell you a story. 10 weeks ago, I was the Managing Director of a £10m business where I’d worked for 11 years and had over 250 staff. Today, I have no staff, and I spent the morning cleaning a prison toilet. Now to be fair, that was…

30th November 2016

What on earth is an Escape Room and why Southampton?

Its great to be the new guys in Southampton! One of the many lovely things about being a start-up in something new like the Escape Room industry is that we’re considered a bit different and a bit interesting. We’ve been contacted by several journalists who are curious about Escape Rooms…

28th November 2016

Team Building and Escape Rooms

Escaping for fun My brother and I started this business for many different reasons but having fun at work was high up the list. Peter and I had done ‘grown up’ jobs for 25 years, him most recently as the MD of a Contact Centre business, me working all over the world…