How Safe Are Escape Rooms? Blog
15th September 2021

How Safe Are Escape Rooms?

Escape Rooms offer a unique dimension of gaming that you certainly won’t find anywhere else. Fully immersive, challenging and incredibly social, first time players may be wondering what on earth goes on behind closed doors.  With more and more games springing up in a town near you, the Escape Room…

History of Escape Rooms Blog
8th September 2021

History of Escape Rooms

The hype around Escape Rooms is real. If you have yet to put your brainpower to the test in one of the most immersive, live-action experiences in town, then buckle up!  With an exciting origin story to match some of the most iconic games around today, the history surrounding Escape…

Escape Rooms: Expectations vs Reality Blog
25th August 2021

Escape Rooms: Expectations vs Reality

Your experiences shape how you view the world and build up a sense of expectation that doesn’t always meet reality. Escape Rooms are no different. Often players will arrive with several common misconceptions in their minds, such as “I’m never going to escape” or “this puzzle is impossible!” They couldn’t…

Are Escape Rooms Suitable For Children? Blog
18th August 2021

Are Escape Rooms Suitable For Children?

Keeping the kids entertained during rainy weekends and never-ending school holidays is not for the fainthearted. From moody teenagers to unsettled tweens, keeping young minds stimulated is becoming more and more of a challenge despite the rapid growth of technology around us.  That’s where Escape Rooms come in. Not only…

10 Fun Facts About Escape Rooms Blog
11th August 2021

10 Fun Facts About Escape Rooms

In a world full of mayhem, confusion, and global concerns, stepping into another era with your friends is just what the doctor ordered. Fully immersive, engaging, and mind-boggling, Escape Rooms are the perfect antidote to these turbulent times we are living through.  Bursting with interactive puzzles, secret passageways, and next-level…

Southampton Summer Blog
4th August 2021

Southampton Summer: 5 Sights and Attractions Not to Miss

Summer is officially here! It’s time to think beyond the rigidity of working from home, the unexpected curveballs from the government, and finally start to get excited! If this is your first slice of freedom in months of monotony, or you simply want to enjoy a weekend away, it’s high…

Schools Out: 7 Unmissable Attractions in Croydon Blog
28th July 2021

Schools Out: 7 Unmissable Attractions in Croydon

Schools are finally out for the summer, and after months of lockdowns and other restrictions, it’s time to think about what the next six weeks have in store. Some of you will be fighting parenting fatigue with a mixture of joy and dread, whereas others of you will be counting…

Getting Married? How to Plan Your Hen or Stag Escape Room Fun Blog
21st July 2021

Getting Married? How to Plan Your Hen or Stag Escape Room Fun

Weddings definitely look a bit different this year. What with a worldwide pandemic and a whole host of lockdown restrictions getting in the way, many of you may have rescheduled your day more than once already. Fortunately, we’re here to bring a bit of joy back into your lives! Planning…

Family Time: Best Activities to do in Basingstoke Blog
14th July 2021

Family Time: Best Activities to do in Basingstoke

Getting enough quality family time is hard to come by these days. With the average UK working week peaking at around 40 hours, it’s easy to see how parents struggle to keep the whole clan entertained each weekend. Throw in the tumultuous past 18 months, and we all need to…

portsmouth-new-hampshire Blog
7th July 2021

7 Reasons Why We Love Portsmouth

Portsmouth has undeniably played its part throughout maritime history. Even walking within the world-renowned Historic Dockyard, you can find Nelson’s HMS Victory, the National Museum of the Royal Navy, HMS Warrior, and the incredible Mary Rose Museum. All that before you’ve taken to the city’s vibrant streets and rubbed shoulders…

happy-birthday-escape-room Blog
30th June 2021

Why you should host an escape room birthday party

Nothing says lasting memories like an epic birthday party! You’ve got the guests lined up, a few sneaky presents up your sleeve, but figuring out how to make the actual event extra special has left you stumped.  Enter the escape room. Bursting with all the adrenaline-pumping action you could possibly…

Unsolved: 3 Cases That Still Stump Us Today Blog
23rd June 2021

Unsolved: 3 Cases That Still Stump Us Today

Unsolved cases rooted in serial killers, treason, and mayhem haunt us to this day. Some of the scars left on history itself are full of unimaginable depravity that has horrified communities and left lingering questions for decades. No credible suspects have been found. No arrests have been made.  Some of…