Spotting clues in an escape room Blog
14th October 2020

It’s All In The Detail – Spotting Clues In An Escape Room

Hercule Poirot had an eye for finding the devil in the details. Sharp, witty and curious, Poirot could see what others could not – the mystery unfolding before his eyes.  Now it’s your turn.  Codes are hidden in plain sight, clues are within your reach, but where do you start? …

Sifting through Evidence: How to make sense of the rooms plot Blog
7th October 2020

Sifting Through Evidence: How To Make Sense Of The Room’s Plot

Inevitable and practically finite, an Escape Room can only hold you “captive” for 60 minutes. In that time you need to collect evidence, solve puzzles, get swept up in the mystery and at the same time, make sense of everything else going on.  Every escape has a story.  From Stockholm’s…

escape-room-hero Blog
28th September 2020

How To Set Your Inner Hero Loose In An Escape Room

Not all heroes wear capes. We all know this. From the overstretched nurse to the plumber who puts everyone else’s needs above his own – some people will always go the extra mile.  Others will aspire to be the next box office legend. Batman wasn’t the caped crusader for nothing,…

Why team dynamics is important in an escape room. Blog
22nd September 2020

Why Team Dynamics Is Important In An Escape Room

Building team dynamics is not always a walk in the park. Clashing personalities, stubbornness and well, good old fashioned ego can often be stumbling blocks for a team to thrive.  It doesn’t have to be that way. Throwing yourself headfirst into an Escape Room not only will challenge you to…

rustic-door-escape-room Blog
11th September 2020

Escape Room Hacks – Secrets Behind Closed Doors

The door is locked, the weapon’s still loaded, but there’s no sign of forced entry. A struggle has been had, but there is nothing but the fallen chair and lit up desk to tell you that anyone had been here recently.  All you have is a torch, a locked briefcase…

detective-with-tweezers Blog
7th September 2020

Like To Play Detective? How To Come Out On Top In An Escape Room

“Come Watson, come!” he cried. “The game is afoot. Not a word. Into your clothes and come!” (Arthur Conan Doyle, The Return of Sherlock Holmes.) Exciting isn’t it? The idea that there is something to be solved, and you are the only one that can do it. Like the Sherlock…

escape-rooms-bright-thoughts Blog
31st August 2020

How To Think On Your Feet In An Escape Room

Time is escaping you, there are still crucial pieces of evidence to find, and you are struggling to pull all of the clues together.  You want to beat the Escape Room. You are so close.  Time, however, is not on your side.  Thinking on your feet in an Escape Room…

28th August 2020

Just The Two Of Us: Tackling An Escape Room As A Couple

Adventure, mystery and romance are often at the root of the best ever love stories, and luckily for you, it’s the same for an Escape Room.  Through the twists and turns of unlocking a puzzle, or discovering a hidden clue nothing compares to this joint experience. Sharing this with a…

escape-room-puzzles-part-4 Blog
14th August 2020

Puzzles You Might Find in an Escape Room Pt 4 – Light and Sound

Ambience can really create an atmosphere.  Interactive and immersive, sound and light can reveal a lot about a game. Not only that, but it can also make you feel a certain way too.  Clues are often hidden in a room’s soundscape. It’s not all about theme, after all!   Light…

alcatraz-jail-escape Blog
3rd August 2020

The World’s Greatest Escapes

Real-life events inspire all great mysteries. Everything from prison escapes to train heists are all marked in history as some of the most well thought out and seemingly impossible feats.  Survival is in all of us. When it comes to the push when facing down adversity, we want to come…

31st July 2020

Should An Escape Room Be Competitive?

Tick, tick, tick. As the minutes run away from you and your goal is just out of reach, adrenaline kicks in. Escape Rooms can have a profound way of bringing out your competitive edge.  But, who are you up against? Teammates need to pull together to dominate in an Escape…

puzzled-detective-in-coat Blog
27th July 2020

Puzzles You Might Find In An Escape Room Pt 3 – Hidden Objects

Nothing is more thrilling than having to hunt down hidden objects in an Escape Room. Using your investigative skills and finding secret objects, or information is all part of the fun. Sometimes what you are looking for will be staring you in the face. On other occasions, you may have…