alcatraz-jail-escape Blog
3rd August 2020

The World’s Greatest Escapes

Real-life events inspire all great mysteries. Everything from prison escapes to train heists are all marked in history as some of the most well thought out and seemingly impossible feats.  Survival is in all of us. When it comes to the push when facing down adversity, we want to come…

31st July 2020

Should An Escape Room Be Competitive?

Tick, tick, tick. As the minutes run away from you and your goal is just out of reach, adrenaline kicks in. Escape Rooms can have a profound way of bringing out your competitive edge.  But, who are you up against? Teammates need to pull together to dominate in an Escape…

puzzled-detective-in-coat Blog
27th July 2020

Puzzles You Might Find In An Escape Room Pt 3 – Hidden Objects

Nothing is more thrilling than having to hunt down hidden objects in an Escape Room. Using your investigative skills and finding secret objects, or information is all part of the fun. Sometimes what you are looking for will be staring you in the face. On other occasions, you may have…

creative-team-enjoying-communication Blog
14th July 2020

Improving Communication: How Escape Rooms Boost Your Skills

One thing for sure, you don’t stand a chance in an Escape Room if you aren’t willing to speak to your teammates. Every mystery you uncover, and clue you find needs to be brought to your team’s attention. Escape Rooms have this phenomenal ability to bring the best out of…

escape-rooms-numbers Blog
6th July 2020

Puzzles You Might Find In An Escape Room Pt 2 – Numbers

Anyone that has ever tackled an Escape Room will tell you that they are a one of a kind experience. Intriguing, adventurous and fun, it’s easy to fall in love with the game. Within an Escape Room, the game designer will be a silent genius. Never seen or heard from,…

escape-rooms-competitors Blog
30th June 2020

Beating The Room – A Guide For The Hardcore Competitor

Part of the thrill of an Escape Room is the chase. Hunting down clues, discovering objects and piecing together riddles to unlock the greatest prize of all – the room itself.  Some of us are born to compete. Finding a natural buzz, and feeling the full force of adrenaline sweep…

puzzle-escape-rooms Blog
22nd June 2020

Puzzles You Might Find In An Escape Room Pt 1 – Logic

Mystery, adventure and some of the world’s most mind-bending puzzles are found within an Escape Room’s walls.  Timeless, captivating and intriguing, logic puzzles are often the hook line and sinker of the game. Making you reach for the parts of your brain that have been dormant for so long, logic…

20th June 2020

Why Escape Rooms Are The Perfect Post-Lockdown Activity

COVID-19 is on everyone’s minds at the moment. Wherever you go, whatever you do, it’s there lurking in our subconscious.  With a world waiting with anticipation for a vaccine, life as we know it has been turned upside down.  Exciting Escapes have been closed for the duration of the lockdown….

8th June 2020

Escape Rooms And Positive Mental Health

Mental health is often mistaken for weakness or lack of self-control. You can often feel like you are losing your mind.  To this day, there is a stigma attached to our mental health. Is it good, or is it bad? What are you worth? Unrealistic mental health problems are often…

exciting-escapes-adventure Blog
1st June 2020

Escape Rooms: What to Expect on Your First Adventure

Your mates have told you that you are going on an adventure, and it just so happens that you are booked into an Escape Room experience.  But, what does that actually mean? Escape rooms have their origins in the human need to solve mysteries, Japanese find the object games, and…

vintage-keys-escape-rooms Blog
26th May 2020

Escape Room Fails – How to Avoid These Common Mistakes

Finally, caught on to the Escape Room hype?  With Escape Rooms popping up in most major cities around the world, they are undeniably one of the coolest global crazes.  Launched out of Kyoto in 2007, the phenomenon and lure of the Escape Room have captured millions of minds and hearts. …

escape-rooms-10-things Blog
15th May 2020

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Escape Rooms

Did you know that not all Escape Rooms are based in one room? That although they seem impossible, you can actually win? With the Escape Room industry booming, few of us know what they are. We may be familiar with the concept, but what makes them so thrilling? What happens…