9th June 2021

Everything’s Better With Friends

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how much hanging out with your friends is so important. Bringing the band back together for a worthwhile experience that will help you to reconnect is just what the doctor ordered!  With everything from your local restaurant to Escape Room shut for…

family-running-along-path-through-forest-together-PYZF87D Blog
19th May 2021

Free From Lockdown, Now Make Your Escape!

The end is finally in sight. No more rainy days to keep you housebound. No more staring blankly at the wall as you zone out from your last Zoom call. And no more separation from your family and friends. UK life is finally looking a bit brighter and far more…

field-telephone-from-second-world-war Blog
5th May 2021

What to Look Out for in an Escape Room?

You’ve heard it time and time again; the devil is always in the detail. All good mysteries at their core have something obvious at their centre. Whether it’s a letter written from the victim or the murder weapon left in plain sight, the first one to crack the case is…

team-of-players-PYTSE3F Blog
21st April 2021

Props, Puzzles & Players – Why Are Escape Rooms So Exciting?

Without the intricate artwork, props and cunning puzzles, an Escape Room is simply a room. Take away the players, and the whole thing ceases to be. Fill it with complex riddles, tricky logic puzzles and thematic props straight out of a decade long gone, and the magic comes alive. Close…

kids-making-team-gesture-Q37323R Blog
7th April 2021

Logic Escapes Me! How To Bring The Team Together

Failure is all a part of learning. You hear it time and time again. When you are in the midst of losing an Escape Room, and your team is falling apart, you might think that you may as well quit while you’re ahead.  Wrong.  The beauty of an Escape Room…

17th March 2021

A Family Affair: Why Escape Rooms Are The Perfect Family Activity?

Swashbucklers, thrill-seekers and investigators in the making rejoice! An Escape Room adventure is just what the doctor ordered. Taking your family experience to a whole other level, you can all stretch your imaginations while donning a thinking cap. From unlocking a secure vault to unearthing lost secrets, there is something…

diamond-P753TSK Blog
3rd March 2021

Case Files: Our Top 5 Favourite Heists Of All Time

Over the years, authors and Hollywood alike have romanticised the iconic heist. From the Great Train Robbery to The Italian Job, we all have witnessed the rush, ambition and grand prize from some of the world’s most renowned characters.  Truth be told, even the most prolific robbers end up behind…

family in Croydon Blog
17th February 2021

12 Things to Do in Croydon

If you know where to go, Croydon can be a fascinating place, full of things for you to do. Located on the southern edge of London, Croydon can be a fantastic place to visit. It offers many fun activities for your friends and family. We created this list to make…

escape-room-donts Blog
2nd February 2021

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do in an Escape Room

Some people simply have no idea how you should behave in an escape room. This can lead to them ruining the experience for their entire group. That’s a fast way to get your friends and family upset with you. If you want to avoid accidentally doing this and are worried…

20th January 2021

The 9 Best Things To Do in Basingstoke

You don’t have to know Basingstoke like the back of your hand to take advantage of the fun and interesting things it has on offer. There are loads of things you can do for fun, but only if you know where to look. We’ve done the hard work for you…

6th January 2021

5 Videogames Escape Room Fans Will Enjoy

Pure escapism, adventure, and let’s face it, joy can all be found in an Escape Room. Everyone from the investigator, the thrill-seeker and the code-cracker can all find something to like. With the adrenaline pumping, clues to discover and time ticking away on the clock, there’s very little that can…

iron keys on table Blog
16th December 2020

7 Real-World Skills You Can Get From Escape Rooms

Losing yourself in the exhilarating world of Escape Rooms is undeniably a unique experience. From discovering secret codes in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to solving the case which sets the wrongly accused free, there’s a lot to enjoy! Thrown in at the deep end, there are skills and talents that you…