10 Fun Facts About Escape Rooms

In a world full of mayhem, confusion, and global concerns, stepping into another era with your friends is just what the doctor ordered. Fully immersive, engaging, and mind-boggling, Escape Rooms are the perfect antidote to these turbulent times we are living through. 

Bursting with interactive puzzles, secret passageways, and next-level role-playing opportunities, getting locked in a room for 60 minutes has never looked more appealing. But what lies behind those closed doors? 

Are you ready for the adventure? Here are 10 fun facts about Escape Rooms:

The Escape Room concept came from a video game

The origin of the Escape Room is a much-debated topic. However, most die-hard fans believe that conceptually, they originated from the cult classic video game Crimson Rush. Created in 2004 by Toshimitsu Takagi, the game places you in a crimson coloured room where you have to solve a series of clues to escape. 

Fast forward to 2007, and the world’s first-ever Escape Room, SCRAP, opened its doors in Japan. Designed by Takao Kato, the fully immersive, incredibly kitsch, the high-action game quickly took the world by storm. 

They are a worldwide phenomenon

Quirky, unique, and placing you – the player – in the heart of the action, it’s no surprise that this innovative experience has swept the globe. Currently, there are over 50,000 Escape Rooms in the world, with at least one in 44 countries. 

With over 1,500 Escape Rooms in the UK alone, you won’t struggle to find your next escape in a city near you!

Ever evolving

Generic plot lines and themes are a thing of the past. In today’s Escape Rooms, you are more likely to find authentic props, era-specific music and soundscapes, and a storyline that you’ll be talking about for years to come. 

Whether you want to uncover the dark secrets from a silent hospital, make your own escape from a 1920s prison cell or pull off a train heist, there is much to discover!

Zombies, prisons, and bank robbery!

Pop culture has a lot to answer for! From the iconic, The Walking Dead, Prison Break, and Now You See Me, some of the best Escape Rooms around have packed in all the action and suspense you love from your favourite TV and films into an interactive game like no other. 

What’s more, unlike real life, Escape Rooms offer the perfect escape without the consequences of the real world. So if you want to outsmart a prison guard or find a hard-to-reach zombie cure, you can, within the confines of the game you are playing. 

It’s not all logic

Over the years, Escape Rooms have been champions of logic-based games. With a range of codes and puzzles to crack, it’s no wonder. But scratch away at the surface, and you will discover a game of mystery, mathematics, storytelling, and so much more. 

The truth of the matter is, the best teams are made up of a range of talents. From the linguist to the scientist, the salesperson to the engineer – Escape Rooms are well suited to people from all walks of life. 

Creative thinkers, code breakers, and silent detectives all make the most explosive and exciting games! So don’t latch on to logic alone!

60 minutes might be the rule, but…

Typically, an Escape Room game takes up to 60 minutes to complete, but there are a few games that buck the trend, including our very own ‘Spies in Space.’ 

Clocking in at 3 hours, the Greece-based ‘Paradox Project’ is the longest Escape Room game in the world. Whereas, Connecticut, USA-based ‘The Chamber’ is a 5-minute adrenaline-fueled game that will put all your skills to the test within the haunted house pop-up!

The player’s game

If you’re a big fan of video games or like to take role-playing to the next level, Escape Rooms are the perfect outlet for all your gaming dreams. Not only can you dress the part, but you can get inside the mind of a true detective as you reveal hidden secrets from the game you are playing. 

A learning experience

One of the most extraordinary things about an Escape Room is that it forces you to embrace your talents. So if you don’t like speaking in front of people, guess what? You need to communicate. Not a big fan of expressing your ideas? Well, you need to say what you see out loud if you want to win!

What’s more, your time in the room will give you invaluable tools to take back into the outside world, such as:

  • Good time management skills 
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Boost your confidence
  • Help you to think quickly
  • Communicate effectively
  • Develop your listening skills

Great for team building

Whether you want to reconnect with your friends and family or need to give your new employees a morale boost, Escape Rooms are experts at promoting team-building skills

Each game requires a good team working and communication skills to beat the clock. All while you work together to solve the mystery, crack the code, or discover the hidden secrets of your game. 

When the ultimate task is to get out of the room before your time is up, the whole team is unified with one fixed goal in mind. You will quickly see who the leaders and the workers are and find a way to come together to beat the room!

Perfect first date

In a time where first dates are polluted with awkward dinners, silent cinema trips, and unmemorable moments, booking in an Escape Room experience is bound to score you some points. Not only is it an incredibly unique and memorable experience, but you and your date have to speak to each other. 

You will quickly get to see your date’s quirks, surprise talents, and how well they can cope under pressure. One thing’s for sure; you’ll have more to talk about after your Escape Room experience!

It’s no secret. We love Escape Rooms. Quirky, immersive, and memorable, where will your next Escape Room adventure take you?