12 Things to Do in Croydon

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If you know where to go, Croydon can be a fascinating place, full of things for you to do. Located on the southern edge of London, Croydon can be a fantastic place to visit. It offers many fun activities for your friends and family. We created this list to make sure you will have a good time in Croydon. 

Spread Eagle Pub

An absolutely incredible experience for those who love a bit of theatre is the Spread Eagle. Alongside amazing drinks and a meals for everyone, the pub offers an entertainment. It regularly hosts a variety of plays and comedy for its patrons. 

Originally a bank built in 1893, the building has developed plenty of character while evolving into a wonderful cultural hub for the community. Whether you’re just after a pint and a pie (which are freshly made every single day), or want to experience the thespian side of the Spread Eagle, you’re sure to enjoy being at this pub. 

Surrey Hills Gliding Club

This is one for the adrenaline junkies. The Surrey Hills Gliding Club can send you soaring high above Croydon in a glider. Built like a small plane, the different lessons can give you the option to control the glider yourself. 

Being able to see Croydon from an entirely new perspective is a jaw-dropping experience. If you’ve ever been entranced by the possibility of soaring through the skies, this is a great chance to do it. 

Exciting Escapes

If you want to have a private, indoor adventure, then Exciting Escapes is the perfect place to do it. Inside, you’ll have a choice of several rooms, and you’ll have to work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape the room. It can be difficult, and will require strong teamwork and problem-solving skills for your group to come out on top.

For best results, get a group of around 6 people together. You can even try to go for the fastest solve time. Are you ready to take on the challenge? 

Oxygen Freejumping

This football pitch-sized trampoline park in Purley Way provides plenty of opportunities to catch some air. You’re not just limited to jumping on one trampoline either, with podiums to jump over, and walls to bounce off (yes, some of the walls are trampolines too). 

If you’re after a little extra excitement, then you can also play dodgeball, basketball or volleyball while you’re bouncing around. Alternatively, the Bear Grylls Obstacle Course offers an excellent and exciting challenge. Are you up for it?

Art Rebellion

If you like to sip coffee while you peruse modern art, Art Rebellion is the best place to do it. A brilliant showcase for new artists, Art Rebellion also offers a variety of hot and cold drinks, like tea, coffee, milkshakes and smoothies. Also on offer are waffles and cakes, gelato, and hot food. 

If you just want a nice place to grab something to eat, while being able to enjoy brand new art from up and coming artists, this is the place to do it. 

Museum of Croydon

Situated next to the Croydon Clocktower, the Museum of Croydon has an incredible collection and tells the story of Croydon over the past 200 years. There are also more than 250 exhibits on display, each helping to paint the picture of how Croydon has developed from the 1800s until the present day. 

The Museum of Croydon is a brilliant place to take the family too, as you can teach them about the history and development of Croydon as a town. 

Whitgift Shopping Centre

Shopping is always an idea of a good time. Whole family can spend the day at the Whitgift Shopping Centre. With a collection of shops for you to browse in, you’ll be able to find almost anything you may need. Even if you don’t buy anything, it can be nice to simply explore what’s on offer. 

Surrey Street Market

London’s oldest street market, the Surrey Street Market, has been operating since 1236. You can find here a variety of exotic fruit and veg, alongside spices, artisanal food, and even entertainment. 

Croydon Minster

You don’t have to be religious to explore the incredible beauty and architecture of the Croydon Minster. Take a walk around the building, and even climb the spire. For those interested in history, it is believed the church was founded during the Saxon period. 6 archbishops of Canterbury have been buried here. It’s a beautiful and historically rich space, and one to visit if you’re fascinated by years gone by. 

Traq Motor Racing

Ever felt the desire to hit the track and go speeding around with your mates? At Traq Motor Racing, you can do exactly that. When you reach the Jessops Way premises, you can climb into either go-karts or quad bikes. 

The fun isn’t just limited to adults either. If zipping around a racetrack sounds like something you want to do with your family, you can even take children with you – as long as they’re 5 or older. 

Addington Hills Viewing Platform

Addington Hills Viewing Platform is a fantastic place for a nice, quiet picnic on a lovely sunny day. With an exceptional views of Croydon and stretching towards London, you may even be able to see distant landmarks (such as Windsor Castle) from the top of the Addington Hills. 

It may be a bit of a trek to get all the way to the viewing platform, but it is well worth the effort. The sights are incredible, and it’s a very rewarding experience – especially if you enjoy going on long walks through natural areas. 

Happy Valley and Farthing Downs Nature Trail

If exploring what the natural world has to offer is more your speed, then feel free to take a walk along the Happy Valley and Farthing Downs Nature Trail. It’s a beautiful route to walk at any time of year, and is a brilliant way to explore nature and get a breath of fresh air.

The walk starts at Farthing Downs car park, and provides you with gorgeous views of New Hill and Happy Valley. The City Of London has even provided information to encourage exploration. 

And that’s our list on the best things to do in Croydon. Whether you’re visiting soon or you live nearby, hopefully, we’ve given you some fresh ideas of things to do on your next visit.


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