5 ways an escape room visit can help you be more adventurous

We can all benefit from being a little more adventurous in life. Trying something new is the best way to find out more about ourselves. What we like to do and what we might want to do differently. It can be challenging at first to act on a whim and be more spontaneous. But the benefits of taking that first step can have a huge payoff! After all, how can we ever find out if we enjoy doing something new if we’ve never actually taken that first leap? Going out of your comfort zone to try a new experience can seem a little challenging at first. Especially when one has no idea how to take that first step into the unknown.

An escape room experience can be the beginning of a lifetime full of adventures. An afternoon with us could help bring to the surface your desire to try new things and experience unique activities more frequently. If you are looking for some advice, here we will be sharing the five ways that an Escape Room can help you to be more adventurous!

The unexpected can always make things more fun

How often are we encouraged to try new things as adults and end up surprising ourselves with how much we enjoyed trying something new? A new activity or a different destination for a holiday?  It can be easy for us to go off the idea of trying something new. We can get hung up on all the details eventually putting ourselves off the initial idea in the first place.

But ask yourself what is the reason you don’t want to try something new. Many families like to do the same activities each weekend, bank holiday or half term and whilst that is absolutely fine; it’s not very adventurous! It may end up getting a little stale or tiresome over time. However, if you are reading today’s post we assume it’s because you do want to have more adventure when it comes to your next family activity.  If that is the case then we know of the perfect family-friendly activity that we are sure your whole family will enjoy.

That, of course, are our escape rooms. They are ideal for families looking to try a new activity that everyone is a part of together. You will never know what to expect during your visit with us which is all part of the fun and keeps things very interesting. There is never a dull moment at Exciting Escapes but you’ll never know unless you take that first step and try your hands at one of our games yourself.

Spontaneous equals adventurous!

Making new decisions can be a great way to act more spontaneously which in turn can allow you to feel more adventurous. Whilst you could say that there is an element of planning involved even when booking an escape visit; it still encourages you to try something new! The best way to have a life full of family adventure is to make plans that are a little more spontaneous than usual and who knows it may even spark a new family fun-day tradition that you can owe to your very own adventurous nature.

Here at Exciting Escapes whilst we do advise you to book ahead of time you can still one day be sat at work and decided to make a last-minute booking for the weekend if we have the availability. It might just end up being one of the most enjoyable and spontaneous decisions for family-fun activities you’ve ever made!  

A unique experience that beats a ‘traditional’ day out

If you and your family, especially the children, are finding it a little tiresome doing the same ‘traditional’ activities during family time then this might be the best time to allow yourself to embrace your newly found adventurous nature and book something unique! You can take your children to the park, the cinema or even bowling any time for some fun but if you want to show your adventurous side then you can treat the family to something so unique they will not know what to expect. An escape room is a suitable family-friendly day out that you will prefer over a cold afternoon standing around in the park that’s for sure. 

You’re encouraged to go out of your usual comfort zone

An escape room is not your ‘typical’ day out or family activity but don’t let put you off as it should do the complete opposite! Trying something new that encouraged you and your family to go out of their comfort zone can have a huge payoff as an escape experience might just be the adventure your family has been craving. For both family bonding as well as fun! The mixture of the unknown, and the unique experience that awaits you inside our game rooms allow you to have the chance to try something you may never have thought to do before. Taking that step to try something new is certainly a step closer to being more adventurous.

You’ll be prompted to think out-of-the-box 

Booking an afternoon escape game is not your typical weekend activity that is for sure but even considering it as an option for your next family fun day shows just how out-of-the-box you are thinking. This is also highly encouraged whilst playing and participating in our escape experiences! Therefore if you are looking for inspiration for more unique and less traditional days out then we hope these reasons have encouraged you to consider our Escape Rooms as your next adventure.

We do hope to see you soon! Be sure to secure your next adventure, or should we say your new adventure in advance to give yourself all the options on games! Your adventure awaits…