Beat the back-to-school blues by treating your family to a weekend of fun

After a long week at work, and with the kids back at school, it can feel like you’ve slipped back into old habits of wishing for weeks to pass by for some much need time off again. Thankfully the weekends give us a chance to spend more quality time with our family and loved ones after a hectic week. 

The weekends can give families the time to book and arrange fun days out to help beat those back-to-school blues and give everybody something to look forward to again. What’s more here at Exciting Escapes we understand just how important those weekend activities are for busy families, and therefore offer up our services to you. Here’s why we think your next family outgoing would benefit from being an escape experience… 

It’s an experience to look forward to after a busy week 

The weekends, for so many families, are the one time when no one has any prior commitments to work or after-school activities therefore it can make for the best time to do fun things together. You can treat the family to several different weekend activities, but we want to tell you all about an experience that is so much more than just a typical way to spend a weekend! 

Treating the family to a fun-filled, free-thinking and thrilling escape experience will certainly get them excited as it is not your ‘typical’ Sunday Funday. It’s better. Why? Well, how often do you hear families talk about a time when they spend the weekend solving puzzles, findings clues and working together to beat such a unique experience like an escape room? 

For the young generation now, it’s even more difficult to keep them interested in a world centred around technology, but our escapes will encourage them to think freely and without judgement while in a very creative environment. A place where they will be rewarded for their participation as well as having bucket loads of fun with their family… 

Crucial bonding time for creating new memories

During a busy week at work and with the kids back at school, it can be hard to make plans during the week thus making the weekends even more important for bonding and family fun. Now, whilst we do believe that bonding with your loved ones doesn’t require you to go out and spend money at the weekend; it is always a nice treat, especially for entertaining the family after a long week. 

One of the best ways to bond and create those lasting memories is to consider trying something new as a family. A unique day out can be just the thing for any family who is looking to get their children excited for some much-needed family fun!

An escape room experience provides a place for children to think and act creatively but in a safe and controlled setting. It can also allow parents to participate knowing everyone will be able to enjoy the experience together; when we try new and exciting experiences with our loved ones, these are the core memories that will stand the test of time. 

Whilst you may or may not remember an uneventful meal out, we are sure that you will remember a fun afternoon spent with us here at Exciting Escapes! 

Invite the whole family as everyone is welcome 

If you are thinking about turning your upcoming weekend into an extended family event then why not invite everybody along to an escape room? We have duplicate games set up all ready for larger groups; this way everyone can choose to participate at the same time as well as compete to see which team can escape first! 

In addition, to duplicate games, we also have the option for family members to be observers if they would rather watch than get involved. This option is popular with grandparents as well as parents who would like to see how their children can work together without relying on adults but still be able to watch from a distance. This way your experience can be completely catered towards your playing preferences. 

What’s more, of course, you and your family could all just play together in one game (so long as your group doesn’t exceed player capacity). It’s entirely up to you and your family how you play our escape games; you make all the decisions and we’ll supply the fun! 

Now, what could be better than an afternoon of fun; maybe a discount on top? 

That’s right you can save money on a Sunday game

Here at exciting escapes, we have an incredible selection of offers and discounts available online when you book your escape experience at any one of our four locations. One of our most popular discounts is our 20% discount sale redeemable against all team games, at all of our locations, on a Sunday! 

No longer does your Sunday afternoon need to be all about prepping for the week ahead; instead give yourself and your family a fun afternoon of bonding. We recommend that you book in advance to make sure you get your choice of game and time on your chosen day. 

What’s more, if you are unsure what game to play with your family, then you can also read through our game descriptions online. Alternatively, you can give us a call and we can help you with your decision based on our recommendations for younger children or larger families. We look forward to seeing your family try to escape one of our rooms soon… 

Don’t forget to take a look at our offers online before making your booking. We offer a 20% discount on Sunday games with the code: SUNFUN02 at checkout. You can also call ahead to check availability as well as to let us know if any children are under 13 before your arrival; for us to make any necessary game alternations for families with young children.