Beating The Room – A Guide For The Hardcore Competitor


Part of the thrill of an Escape Room is the chase. Hunting down clues, discovering objects and piecing together riddles to unlock the greatest prize of all – the room itself. 

Some of us are born to compete. Finding a natural buzz, and feeling the full force of adrenaline sweep you off your feet is heavenly. But, it’s not always about the lure of winning for the hardcore competitor – it’s about achieving something that few others have before you. 

With the Escape Room hype sweeping the nation, what better way to let your fiercest competitor lose than in the room. 

Here, we have a guide to give you the edge in your next Escape Room experience. 

Rule 1: Don’t go hungry!

Nothing is worse than unleashing your inner hangry monster when you have a goal in mind. Getting to an Escape Room with your stomach rumbling is not going to give you the clearest mind to solving the room. 

Keep your fluids up too! 

Giving your brain all the power it needs throughout the game will increase your winning chances. Cognition is dramatically affected when you are dehydrated. So, drink up! You have a game to solve!

Rule 2: Listen to the instructions

Ever received a self-assembly wardrobe and didn’t stop to read the instructions first? No? Well, don’t do it in an Escape Room either. 

Your first big clue to help you solve an Escape Room is given to you in your pre-game briefing. Not only will the Games Master reveal to you plot devices, a rough guide to how the game works – they will also leak key information to your game. 

It may not be obvious, so listen carefully!

Rule 3: The Devil’s in the detail

Once the clock starts ticking and the door closes behind you, your game has begun. Scanning the room from top to bottom is the first thing you should do. Take it all in. 

Symbols, patterns, objects will be hidden all over the room. Some will stand out more than others, while others you will have to move physically. 

Don’t be afraid to get down on your hands and knees to have a good look around. There might just be a secret passageway or tunnel waiting to be found!

The first puzzle is often the most unique in the room as it rarely needs clues to solve it. Don’t get complacent though. Every puzzle leads on to the next.

Rule 4: Be organised

Chaos is not your friend in an Escape Room. 

Every object you and your team find should be organised. Finding a dedicated spot to do this in will leave space for accessing other parts of the room. 

Don’t be afraid of being vocal. Letting your team in on every piece of evidence or clue that is of interest is a winning strategy. Working as a collective, you and your teammates will be up for the challenge.

Lastly, if something won’t budge or isn’t easy to pick up, don’t waste your time. It’s not meant to move!

Rule 5: Don’t get hung up on clues

If something is taking up too many of your precious minutes on the clock, don’t waste time. Focus on one thing at a time, relax and switch things up. You’re part of a team after all.

Being a hardcore competitor, your greatest strength is pushing past a problem. When it seems impossible, don’t forget the Games Master. Ask for a clue. 

Rule 6: Perspective is key

Every Escape Room has a designer. What you are exploring is part of somebody’s life’s work. 

So take a minute. Step back and try and put yourself in their shoes. Try and discover the flow of the room, and get in tune with what is in front of you. 

Get less distracted by the decor, and focus on why it is there in the first place. What does it represent? Why is it there? How does it add to the narrative?

Rather than trying to create your own story, try and fit into the very author’s perspective who designed the room. It’s a challenge, but we’re sure you’re up for it!

The clock is ticking…

Preparation is key to solving an Escape Room. For the hardcore competitor information is power. Now that you’re ready, which adventure will you find victory in?

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