Begin a new family fun tradition this year

We are getting ever so close to the new year! Soon it will be time to bid farewell to all the unkept plans and uninspired weekends. The new year is the perfect time to begin making plans for the future. Put together a plan of all the exciting activities you would like to experience! There might be a long list of unique experiences, holiday locations and even educational classes that you might want to plan for your family; like a bucket list.

Now is the perfect time to plan so you can make sure every bank holiday, half term or school holiday is filled with fun and excitement; less procrastination and missed opportunities. You may even feel inspired to come up with and create some new family fun traditions for the new year ahead! If you are looking for some inspiration for activities that could become a new family fun tradition for 2023 then allow us to help. We would like to share with you, the many reasons why you might want to make our Exciting Escapes not just your number one stop but your go-to family fun activity for 2023! 

New year,  New opportunities 

Have you been contemplating how to get your family excited about all the new adventures for the new year? Then it might be an idea to get everyone involved in the planning process. If you allow your children to have a chance to describe the kind of experience they are interested in then this can ensure that everybody has a chance to try something new as well as fun. If they are a little unsure what they would like to do, then here is where we can help!

An escape room experience is not just for adults as we love to play host for children’s parties, games and of course child-friendly escapes. Our experiences are for the whole family to enjoy; this was one of our main objectives when creating our games. To us, it’s very important to allow as many opportunities as possible for families looking to begin new traditions or tick off activities from their bucket lists. Who knows an escape room might just be the adventure that your family is looking for.

An Escape Room ticks all the boxes!

When making plans for activities for the family to get up to during the holidays or on the occasional weekend we know how important it can be for the experience to tick all of the boxes. A family-friendly activity needs to be all of the following: 

  • Fun for the children 
  • Allow you all to have fun together
  • Be the perfect balance between fun as well as educational
  • It needs to have layers to make it a go-to for recurring visits

Here at Exciting Escapes, we believe that we can tick all of those boxes to ensure an afternoon with us is exactly what your family is looking for in the way of a new family-fun activity! Children, parents even grandparents and distant family can all come together a tone of our locations to enjoy some interactive group fun. Don’t tell the kids but our games also encourage learning and development as our games can allow them to think creatively, based on insists and improve their communication skills. 

But what gives layers to our Escape experience? We have so many games that it would take several visits to experience them all. Each one is unique and requires you to act and think differently. What’s more, we even have a few games that require more physical activity than others! 

The fun that awaits with the unknown!

You can never be truly sure what is lurking around the corner inside an escape room which makes our experiences that much more exciting. Who wants to spend their free time doing the same activity each weekend/ bank holiday/ or half term? You might think it could get a little repetitive to make an Escape experience your new family-fun activity but you can be sure that no two visits will ever be the same.

You could bring more family members, come with friends or even book a different game experience for each visit; no matter how or whom you decided to play. Each game will feel like a new mission, especially if you bring a different group of people and try a new game each visit. It’s very rare to find a unique experience that can be a whole new adventure every single time to play. The more visits you have, the more group photos you can collect; so you can look back on all the memories fondly! Laughing back on how you and your loved ones spent many an afternoon trying to escape one of our games.

Fun on a budget

Another reason why an exciting escape room game experience can be a fun year-round activity. It is affordable, and it can be for the whole family. We have Sunday Funday games, party discounts and extra special discounts throughout the year. So be sure to keep an eye on our discounts page and our social media accounts to make sure that know first when we are running an extra special sale or discount on your next visit. We wanted everyone to be able to have a chance to enjoy our escape room activities no matter what your budget; to get even more saving per player – the more people you bring, the bigger the discount you get when making your booking. 

We have several thrilling games across all of our locations, so be sure to have a chat with your family and friends and get all your books in early for the year. Don’t forget to make full use of our available offers and discounts throughout the year to save on your visits and the more people you bring; the cheaper your visit!