Escape Rooms: Expectations vs Reality

Your experiences shape how you view the world and build up a sense of expectation that doesn’t always meet reality. Escape Rooms are no different. Often players will arrive with several common misconceptions in their minds, such as “I’m never going to escape” or “this puzzle is impossible!” They couldn’t be more wrong. 

Whether you’re an avid true crime fan, like to get lost in a classic Agatha Christie mystery, or simply like an adventure, Escape Rooms are the perfect place to make your escape a reality. 

With hyper-realistic sets and tasks that will get your brain working, it’s time to see if you are ready. Be brave and take on your most immersive and challenging experience yet! 

So let’s bust some classic Escape Room myths so you know the difference between expectation and reality for your next visit:

Expectation: Escape Rooms are impossible to crack

Reality: Every game, regardless of where you are, has been professionally designed with you, the player in mind. 

At Exciting Escapes, you can expect a range of storylines that will instantly place you right in the heart of the action. Supported by authentic props, riddles, fun challenges, and a whole host of memorable moments that you’ll be speaking about for years to come. 

Whether you want to take on our newbie-friendly cold-war-themed “A Hidden Past” or the sinister espionage thriller, “Spies in Space,” we offer a wide range of simulations for all abilities to test their mettle!

Expectation: They are only open at night

Reality: One of the best things about Escape Rooms is that they are highly accessible. Open on weekdays, evenings, and weekends. 

So whether you want to go head to head with your workmates, take your spouse on a much-earned date night or get the kids involved, your next Escape Room experience is as flexible as you are. 

Expectation: Adults only

Reality: While younger children may struggle conceptually with some storylines and with some of the more challenging puzzles on offer, some kids simply thrive in an Escape Room scenario. Typically children aged 10 years and up excel at spotting clues that no one else can find and see meaning in clues more quickly than most adults. 

Ultimately, you know your children better than anyone and are aware of their limitations. Who are we to stand in the way of your kiddo’s development and learning!

Expectation: Not appropriate for a first date

Reality: First dates are awkward. There we said it. Combined with small talk, nerves, and mundane dinners, your average, traditional date rarely goes well. 

If you want an experience that is not only unique but memorable, you should consider an Escape Room. You’ll quickly get a glimpse of each other’s strengths under pressure, learn new things, and what’s more, there is no room for awkward silences! Plus, you’ll have plenty to talk about on your next date. Win, win if you ask us!

Expectation: Only worthwhile on rainy days

Reality: While we agree that playing an Escape Room on a rainy day is a great idea, they are not limited to whiling away lost afternoons due to hindering weather conditions!

First off, they are incredibly fun! You’ll find yourself transported into another era or world while you immerse yourself in a captivating plot. As you race against the clock, you will crack impossible codes, unlock secret passageways and even pull off the grandest train heist ever made, all in sixty minutes. 

Then there’s the wow factor to consider. From intricate and impressive movie-quality set pieces to the biggest adventure you’ve had this side of 30, you won’t be forgetting your Escape Room experience any time soon. 

Expectation: I’m trapped!

Reality: Despite your imagination possibly getting a bit carried away, you are never truly trapped in an Escape Room! Yes, the object of the game is to solve the case or uncover the mystery within a particular amount of time before you make your escape, but the truth is, you can leave whenever you like. 

Every game is supported by a Games Master who essentially monitors your every move. They are on the end of the line whenever you need them, whether it’s for a helpful clue, you need a quick toilet break, or you need to leave for any reason. 

Expectation: You’re dumb if you fail

Reality: There will always be those who succeed and those who fail in any game, even Monopoly! Just because you haven’t beaten the game this time around, that doesn’t make you dumb! 

Escape Rooms are designed to be challenging. By their very nature, not every team will succeed. Whether this is due to communication breakdown, no defined leader, or the game simply outwitted you, practice makes perfect! 

Quite simply, like all other learned life skills, the more Escape Rooms you play, the easier they will get and the more confident you will become. Whether you need to sharpen some of your logic skills or take on a new game with a different team around you, there are many reasons why some players don’t make it out on time. 

More often than not, those that smash each game they play have taken part in countless games. But, there are the odd few that simply get into the Escape Room from the get-go. Whatever happens, never feel disheartened. You could find yourself on our leaderboard by setting a new record next time!

Expectation: Puzzles are unsolvable

Reality: All well-designed Escape Rooms are solvable. So no matter how impossible a puzzle may seem, the trick is to find all of the relevant information you need to solve it from the room around you. Every detail, clue, and hint you need will either be hidden in plain sight or can be found by thinking creatively or by logic. 

Whatever you do, don’t overthink it! It’s likely that the answer is right in front of you. Furthermore, your helpful Games Master is only ever a phone call away. For any extra hints, you may need or to check you are on the right track. 

Now that we’ve busted some common Escape Room myths, are you ready to take on your next thrilling adventure? Book in your escape to see if you have what it takes!