Escape Rooms – The Perfect Family Activity

Unique, fresh and unusual, Escape Rooms have become a global phenomenon.

People the world over are finding themselves thrown, head-first into mystery plots worthy of Hollywood and individual family members get to play leading roles. Pulling together to figure out the puzzle, building on your relationships and having heaps of fun are all reasons to get involved in this extraordinary game.

What could possibly go wrong? Locked in a room for one hour, you get to put your thinking caps on and unlock secrets that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

We’ve put together our top 5 reasons why you and your family should hop into one of these incredible experiences as soon as possible.

1: Let’s get talking!

Good communication is critical to solving the Room.

With a problem to solve on your own, it’s easy to get stressed and worked up about how you are going to get to the promised conclusion. This is the genius of an Escape Room, you get to share the problem with those you love most.

With your family, friends and even work colleagues, Escape Rooms make you work together like never before. In fact, they are impossible to solve if you don’t! You will have to work as a team to dissect all the details that are hidden within the room.

Listening to and finding the value in others’ contributions, will bring you to a united conclusion (even if you don’t manage to escape!).

2: A big treat for the brain.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than the sense of competition you can experience when solving a mystery with others.  Let’s face it, we all want to be able to crack the puzzle first and be the hero of our family. Escape Rooms offer this thrill in abundance and give your brain a big workout in the process.

Escape Rooms provide you with a unique opportunity to place yourself directly into the story, and your brain will love you for it!

Put simply, it feels good to win!

In other words, as you work your way through an Escape Room with your family, your brain becomes a dopamine factory.

Dopamines are the feel-good chemicals that give you a strong sense of excitement and ecstatic joy.

Dopamines also help you to be a sharper learner. Quite literally, doing an Escape Room with your family will make you smarter.

3: Harness those problem-solving skills!

People enjoy Escape Rooms for all kinds of reasons. One reason that is often overlooked is the amazing improvements you can make to your problem-solving skills.

An Escape Room will bring:

Enhanced logical reasoning

Think sharper than ever before.

Good logic and reasoning can improve so many areas of life, from negotiating a pay rise at work through to haggling a better deal with your utility suppliers. The more clearly you can think, the better your chances in life.

An Escape Room is a great way to train this critical skill.

Improved memory

Ever find yourself in those, ‘tip-of-the-tongue’ situations where you just can’t find the word or remember why you walked into a room?

Well, good news, an Escape Room is a great way of improving your memory.

Increased processing speed

Because of the time pressure involved in an Escape Room, you will come away from the experience with the ability to think on your feet.

This skill has so many uses outside of the Escape Room. Thinking faster will allow you to understand important information swiftly and make complicated decisions better than ever.

4: Recharge those batteries!

Stress is a heartbreaker, a demotivator and a soul destroyer.

It can make you feel terrible, and really affect how you are in the workplace and at home.

Take time out, take a moment to breathe, to remove yourself from a situation and do something exhilarating. Escape Rooms offer that escape.

An Escape Room is a sanctuary of fun, no matter how young or old you are! They are a literal escape from the mundanity of life, and can help you to recharge those batteries and see your problems in a different light.

5: A Unique Bonding Experience

Quality time is a hard thing to come by, especially when we live in such a fast-paced world.

Taking a moment in the busyness of life to do something fun with your family offers a high reward and the opportunity to grow close.

When confronted by a hoard of zombies, a 1920s train robbery, or a Sherlock worthy adventure there is nothing more thrilling than achieving something together with your loved ones.

Hopping along for the ride and being immersed in a family adventure is real quality time that will bring you and your family closer together than ever before.

So, what are you waiting for?

The opportunity to take part in something truly extraordinary, with your family, for less than the price of most day trips is unmissable.

Unravelling the mystery, solving the clues and being in an out of this world scenario couldn’t be more enjoyable, especially with your family working alongside you.

Spot the clues, unearth the horrors and pick the locks to solve the impossible.

You’ll all come out:


In how you face problems together.


In how you interact with one another.


It’s incredibly cathartic putting your heads together and beating the clock. We can’t fathom a better way to inject fun into family life and remove stress.

Ready to take on an Escape Room and unite against the clock as a family? Where might your next adventure together take you?

We’re sure our 5 reasons an Escape Room is the perfect family activity have got you desperate to jump into your next one. Why not take a look at our packages and see what your next adventure will be?