First Date? 5 Reasons an Escape Room will Leave the Right Impression

How many times have you come away from a first date thinking you’ve hit the mark? 

For most of us, instead of being romantic, the first date is just, well, awkward. Chugging back a coffee and trying not to mince your words, whilst still trying to be yourself?

 It’s a hard thing to balance. 

Enter the Escape Room date!

Innovative, exciting, and a chance for you to both think critically and creatively, Escape Rooms are an excellent place for a first date! You get to get a glimpse of your date’s personality. Do they do well under pressure? Have they got your back? Do they want to solve everything on their own? Most importantly – how do they cope with winning, or even losing?

Read on to see why the Escape Room first date is so great.

Stand Out Date

Traditional date ideas aren’t exactly out of this world. Everyone has done the whole dinner and a date thing – possibly successfully. If you want to leave a lasting impression, you can’t beat the Escape Room date. 

Navigating an Escape Room is a thrill that will give you plenty to talk about. Your date is going to remember this first date! It’s such a unique, stand-out experience that you will make great memories together from the word go. 

There may even be a photo-op at the end. You can commemorate the moment by having a keepsake of your time together. Sharing such a fun and unusual time together may also secure you a second date! 

Banish Small Talk

Getting conversation to flow naturally on a first date is pretty tricky – especially if you are getting to know each other for the first time. However, having a fun activity to focus on together takes away all the worry of having to struggle with conversation topics.

Figuring out each riddle, solving clues and untangling puzzles is a great way to discover your date’s personality. The experience could also boost your confidence, as breaking the ice won’t be challenging when you’re up against the clock! 

Once you have both escaped the room, this might give you the perfect opportunity to get a bite to eat together after. No awkward conversation in sight, as you have both just shared such an exciting time together. 

Adrenaline Rush

Escape Rooms aren’t just a challenge; they are super exciting! 

We often assume that endorphins are only linked to being in danger, or eating chocolate – they’re not. 

With time ticking away and trying to solve a riddle or a puzzle, your body has a rush of endorphins, all that on a first date! 

Your increased feelings of joy and excitement will help fuel your chemistry together. When you feel like you’ve been through something intense, you’ll feel more bonded to one another. A desire to pursue a second date is pretty much in the bag!

It Won’t Break the Bank

Good dates aren’t about the cost. 

Great dates are when they are memorable and make you want to spend more time together. 

An Escape Room date will not cost you the earth, and they are great value for money. 

You’ll get an out-of-world experience that money can’t buy with an Escape Room date. Unlike the classic dinner date, you will get your money’s worth and still have some left to spare for date number two.

An Awesome Time…

Let’s be frank – the best first dates aren’t usually the serious ones. 

So give yourself a break by having a good time! An Escape Room offers space to be creative and to have a laugh. 

Give yourself the best chance by having fun! 

No-one wants a boring date – they are unmemorable, awkward, bad – go for a winning option for a first date instead! 

Whether you win or lose, you will be in it together. Your date will be more impressed that you can let loose and enjoy yourself than be on just another dinner date. 

Also, you’re more likely to get the second date!

The bottom line

Whatever you want from your first date, an Escape Room is going to make it a date to remember. With its unusual, cutting edge approach, beating or losing the Escape Room is guaranteed to be a fun time. 

Give yourself the best chance! 

Make that lasting impression and secure your second date with the Escape Room date.