How an escape room experience encourages family bonding

Do you find it difficult to discover a child-friendly activity that adults can equally enjoy participating in? It can be a tall order to find an experience that can be suitable for adults as well as children.

Here at Exciting Escapes, you can bring your entire family. Children of all ages and their grandparents are welcome. No one will ever have to miss out on the fun again.

Now, you might be asking how does an escape experience encourage family bonding? Well, it’s simple really but fundamentally it is our entire objective. Bring loved ones together to have fun and create memories without restrictions or judgement! Whilst that’s our main reason, it’s not the only one:

All working together to achieve a common goal

One of the fundamental parts of bonding, between family members, is to give them the chance to work together. If you and your children are working together to achieve a common goal then the experience you are all having is interactive, but also a hands-on experience that you are all equally participating in at once. So how does that relate to an escape room? Inside games, you will all be in the same position; no one has any edge over the rest as everything is a mystery and that is what makes our games both fun and mysterious. You are all trying to work together to escape the room but there is only one way to do that.

The only way you will all escape triumphantly is, of course, by working together. If everyone is communicating with one another and you are progressing steadily through your challenge then that is a huge sign that you are all equally involved in the experience. The added pressure of achieving a common goal, like escaping in time, keeps things interesting!

Everyone is laughing and having fun

You can be pretty sure that if your family are all laughing and smiling whilst trying to escape together or even after your game, on the way home, then chances are you all had fun. You can guarantee a good laugh and buckets of fun when you book any one of our thrilling games!

No matter your age, everyone can have fun trying to beat the timer and escape one of our rooms in time. So what if you cannot expect in time, so long as you had fun and enjoyed your time with us then that is more important than getting hung up on not being quick enough. Although if you are feeling the competitive spirit then you can book your family onto a head-to-head experience to see who can escape first.

Watch and assist your child’s development

It is important to know that your children can also develop a number of their skills during their visit. Inside our rooms, your children are encouraged to think creatively and out-of-the-box which can help them develop their decision-making abilities.

Children are encouraged to work with other people to help them improve their communication skills. As well as listening just as much as talking. The best bit of all of that is you can be a part of that development process. You can help guide your children through the experience whilst still allowing them to practice their listening and decision-making skills. Overall a family escape room really can help your child develop so many essential skills. For a parent to be able to assist can be very special!

It’s a shared memory that will last a lifetime

The only thing left to mention is that you can be sure your time spent with us will be one that you not only remember but can look back on fondly for many many years to come. In that time you might even come back, again and again, to try more of our themed escape rooms. You can bring just the children or invite your entire family and book our venue for a mini-family party if you wish. That way you can all have some fun and bond together over a unique and exciting experience.

We advise everyone interested in booking an escape experience, to do so with plenty of time to ensure you can secure your preferred game on your chosen date. Our thrilling adventures book up fast so if there is a particular holiday or party you would like to schedule for gameplay, we advise you to give us a ring as soon as possible. In order to make those custom requests. Catering can also be added to your visit. Just make sure you give your local Exciting Escape location a call before you book.