How to Pick an Escape Room Venue?

Ever since the UK’s first Escape Room opened its doors in 2012, the worldwide phenomenon has continued to sweep through the nation. To date, there are over 1,500 venues to choose from, varying from high octane adventures to tantalising plotlines that will keep you on your toes. 

But how do you pick the Escape Room venue that is best for you? From ideal locations to player experience, there are a lot of things to consider. Now, sit back, relax and take a look at the key features we look for with any Escape Room venue:

Location, location, location

Before traveling hours up the road to a well-marketed, hyped-up Escape Room, take a look at what is in your nearby town first. Some of the best-hidden gems are the ones that are not far from your doorstep. 

Then you need to think about ease of accessibility. Is the venue easy to get to by car or public transport? How far is the walk from the car park or the station? 

With all your brainpower put to the test and all that adrenaline pumping through your veins, grabbing a bite to eat pre or post-game is also worth considering. So make sure you check out local eateries in the area to make sure you don’t go home hungry. 

Behind closed doors

An Escape Room venue is all part of what makes it so worthwhile. But, you will quickly notice that most venues aren’t quite what they seem from the outside. 

Some Escape Rooms may be built-in high-rise buildings, office spaces, or an old railway station, but once you step into the Games Master’s office, you can understand what kept each of Doctor Who’s companions walking through the TARDIS doors time and time again. 

So never be put off by an Escape Room’s outside appearance. The real treat awaits you inside. 

Games on offer

The best Escape Room games around are the ones that stay with you. Memorable plots, creative room setups, authentic props, and fun puzzles all make for one heck of a ride. 

Checking out the game summary ahead of your booking will ensure you choose a storyline that interests you. Whether you journey back to the Cold War, soak up the roaring 1920s art deco decadence or get away with one of the biggest train heists of all time, there are numerous puzzles, clues, and mysteries just waiting to be uncovered. 

Whether you leap back in time and get suited and booted for the occasion or come prepared to crawl, climb and discover, you can become the detective no matter what game you pick. 

Check out reviews

Player experience is at the heart of any Escape Room game. If puzzles are too challenging, too simple or don’t work well, or there are damp walls, broken lighting, and more, then let’s be honest, you’re not likely to get the best out of your game. 

So, check out review sites such as TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook to get a well-rounded view before booking your game. That way, you get to read honest customer feedback and get a feel for what to expect. 

Some key factors to zoom in on:

  • Customer service
  • Player experience
  • Puzzles
  • Location
  • Price

How many players per game

Whether you want to go head to head with your spouse or date, play a “Big Brother” style game or want to get the whole office team involved, make sure you check out your chosen venue’s capacity. 

Some games will be better suited to groups of 2-4 players, whereas some venues may offer bigger game scenarios of up to 10 players. But even the best venues will have limitations, so bear this in mind before booking your game. 

A time to beat

Traditionally, most Escape Room games are 60 minutes long. But, there are some like our own galactic adventure, Spies in Space which push the boundaries of both time and space with 75 minutes on the clock. 

Average times are good measures of how challenging a particular game is, so it’s always worth checking these out ahead of your game. Plus, if you’re naturally competitive, beating the top scorers is your goal to beat!

Type of booking

Most Escape Rooms like ourselves will cater for private booking only, especially in the wake of COVID-19. However, there are always exceptions to the rule, where some rooms will mix up teams to fulfill the player quota. 

Difficulty level

Escape Rooms are meant to be a fun challenge for people of all abilities to enjoy. However, booking a game that reflects the ability and experience of your group is worth addressing – especially if you have children at your party! 

As a general rule, all venues will host a beginner’s level, such as our Cold War espionage thriller, A Hidden Past. In comparison, our creepy, government medical research facility plot, The Voices We Hear, is full of dark secrets that balance fun in the face of some scary characters that will make your hairs stand on end!

Using your own discretion ahead of the booking will ensure you pick the right game for you and get the most out of the experience on offer. 


While most Escape Rooms will aim to make each of their experiences inclusive for everyone of all abilities, it’s worth checking the ease of accessibility before you make your booking. Everything from wheelchair access, lifts, and appropriate toilets are all factors to consider, and that’s before you attempt to make your escape!

Word of mouth

Yes, online reviews are massively helpful when it comes to picking an Escape Room venue. But, word of mouth is still a powerful resource, so ask around. Have any of your friends, family, work colleagues, or even the friendly checkout assistant played any Escape Rooms lately? If so, what was their experience? Was it worth the money, travel, time? 

Picking the right Escape Room venue is all part of your ultimate experience. From location to accessibility, the versatility of games on offer, and more, there’s a lot to consider. Want to make lasting memories from one of the most unique and immersive experiences around? Check out one of our stellar venues, and book in your next adventure!