How to plan an escape room hen do.

When planning a Hen party we can appreciate that it is a social event focused on a group of friends and loved ones looking to find somewhere to create lasting memories together before the bride gets married. 

Nowadays, the idea of planning said hen do tends to centre around dancing and drinking. Which doesn’t seem as interesting or fun-filled anymore. Even though people do still enjoy going on a night out; it has become a little stale. And lacks excitement for many people, even for hen parties. The person, or persons, in charge of planning a bachelorette party, might find that the ‘traditional’ night-time scene is not just a little tired but also not suitable for the entire party. 

That is why here at Exciting Escapes, you will see that online we encourage and welcome a wide manner of social settings, parties and events. Including both hen and stag parties! One of the aim reasons why we do this is because we want everyone to be able to come together to just have fun with nobody being excluded!

And that is just one of the reasons why we think your hen party will appreciate a change of direction. Welcome a unique escape experience like ours. We encourage fun and laughter for all and here’s how…

Book a HEN PARTY and the STAG PARTY goes FREE!

Yes, you saw that right! When booking your upcoming hen do at one of our escape locations, if you give us a call and book over the phone, you can receive our special discount. This will entitle the stag party to also be able to book a replica experience completely free of charge! We highly doubt you’ll be able to take advantage of a fantastic offer like ours at any other hen party event organisers. 

The reason why we offer this discount is to show you just how much we welcome both hen and stag parties at our escape events. We want to be included in your pre-wedding celebrations as we believe our games can provide the ultimate bonding experience. 

We offer a unique kind of hen-do experience that we know you’ll enjoy. So get a booking soon to avoid disappointment or limited game availability on your preferred date. 

Nobody will get left behind

Typically, hen parties are organised around nighttime events, limiting how many people can attend as many venues only cater for adults over 18. Our escape events are suitable for all your family and friends. Those under 18’s are welcome to play our games across all four locations. 

Furthermore, we can welcome younger children, toddlers and even babies who are also coming along. Please ring ahead if any participants or children are under the age of 13. This way we can make any necessary arrangements before your party arrive. 

What’s more, if your hen group includes older attendees that are not looking to participate but would still like to come along then we allow our events to be open for observing as well as participating. This way, you know that nobody will be left out of the celebrations; thus allowing for more bonding time together. 

Just think of the memories you will create together

The fact that everybody is welcome at our events means that not only can all of your family and friends bond, but you will all be able to create lasting memories together. A wedding really can bring people together, and this includes the pre-wedding activities like a hen do. 

Your entire hen party will be able to participate in thrilling games and exciting tasks. All are designed to test your ability to work together to beat the room! We have ensured that all of our locations offer a unique setting. To help encourage participants to make lasting memories together that everyone can look back on fondly.

Whilst a ‘traditional’ night out might not always be something everybody remembers the next morning; you can be sure that an exciting escape will be worth remembering! The happiness, laughter and smiles for the entire hen party as you all work together and have fun is what it’s all about.  We believe that the best kind of memories are the ones that are unique and involve all your loved ones

Open every day of the week

We can appreciate that not everybody can take time off work during the week to attend or even make the time to plan a hen party. This is why we’ve tried our best to make sure we can do all the heavy lifting as well as provide you with options! 

All of our event locations are open seven days a week. From as early as 10:30 in the morning (at the weekends). And we do not close until late into the evening. If your party are struggling to find a weekday afternoon or evening that you all have free, then we highly recommend joining us at the weekend. Alternatively, a weekday afternoon might be best. 

Our locations do vary slightly in opening and closing times. Therefore we recommend you check the times online filtered by location and book in advance. Booking early can ensure you get your choice of dates, games and times.

Don’t forget to go online first to find the contact info for your preferred exciting escape location. We’ve four to choose from: Southampton, Basingstoke, Portsmouth & Croydon. Then give us a call to arrange your hen party event so that you can get our exclusive discount entitling you to a free stag party event at the same location.  You can also browse our website for more information regarding catering options, package deal add-ons and accessibility across our venues.