How to prepare your team for an Escape room visit

It can be difficult to arrange a meet-up or gathering with all of your friends. Especially when everybody has their schedule and prior commitments to work around. However, when you can all find the time to do something fun together – what will you have in mind? 

If you are struggling to come up with any new or exciting ideas for group activities then why not let us help you? We have the ultimate team-friendly experiences on offer here at Exciting Escapes. Our unique events and games will encourage teams to work creatively together as well as allow you all to bond as you create new memories. 

We thoroughly enjoy seeing groups of friends and large teams come along to our games every day. To have fun together as well as strengthen relationships. If you are thinking of bringing your friends or team along soon, then we have some helpful tips below to prepare you all for your upcoming visit.

Discuss ahead of time if you will all play together or split off for a head-to-head game

Whilst it is always nice to do things together, as a team, your competitive sides may want to flourish when you see our race to the finish games and we don’t blame you. 

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. One of our highly popular team games is called A Hidden Past. It is the perfect way to get you all playing against one another in two smaller groups to see which team can uncover the secrets to escape first. This exciting experience offers two identical games. Two teams can go head-to-head at once. Or allow for a larger group to all be able to participate spread across the rooms at the same time. 

We have different dual-team games at all of our locations. This way you have plenty of options to play competitively if you would like to challenge yourselves. Although, if your team would prefer to play as one group then we still have plenty of team games you can book. 

Read through our game details for additional information 

When you’ve decided how you’ll play, either together or head-to-head, then you will need to choose which one of our games you intend to play!

We highly recommend you read through the game descriptions that can be found online. When you go to book your game tickets, you can filter your search options by game experience. Then click on the game title for details regarding team member limits and time duration. 

Each game experience is unique. For instance, our Silence is a Virtue escape centres around you and your team finding clues for a time-sensitive mission. Whereas, our Breaking the Law experience will get your blood pumping as moderate physical effort will be essential.

The majority of our events are focused on your ability to solve puzzles and find clues. With a few designed to test your physical strength on top of your creative problem-solving. Click on tickets for more information on all of our exciting game experiences to make sure you chose the right experience for your team. 

Consider a team game plan; who’s in charge of what? 

You have talked it over with your team. You all know how you will play and which game intrigues you the most. So now it’s time to decide who’s in charge of what. This doesn’t need to be too set in stone, as you may need to adapt to each other’s strengths when playing, but it does help to plan certain things out in advance.

If you know that your game will be heavily code-craking oriented or based on finding obscure means in hidden clues then you may want to delegate amongst yourselves a few team roles.

For instance, you may want to settle on who’s in charge of looking for the clues. Who will keep them safe? Some of our games will require more movement and test your physical efforts. Therefore this also might be a role to delegate ahead of time. Everyone in your team should end up contributing their skills evenly. This way the whole team can work creatively together to beat our games. 

After all, it’s an experience for your whole team to contribute in order to escape as winners. Everyone’s input will be crucial and the more you work together the more enjoyable your experience will be.

Finally, get plenty of sleep the night before!

You will thank us for this tip later, and we do mean it! 

Our games require you to think creatively and on the spot on top of testing your ability to act quickly! Therefore the best way to make sure you can contribute the best you can is to ensure you get enough sleep the night before your event. The outcome of your game will reflect the amount of effort you put into it. 

None of our games are designed to be easy but a fun challenge designed to get you all thinking. However, this will be made difficult if you do not feel up to participating due to a lack of energy. Try to get an early night, so that on the day of your experience, you feel well rested and ready to take on the challenge. 

Remember to read through our game descriptions (when booking tickets) and allow yourselves plenty of time to prepare. When your team are ready and eager to try something new, we’ll look forward to seeing you at one of our local escape rooms soon. 

All of our escape room locations can accommodate larger groups as well as corporate events. We have a downloadable brochure that provides even more guidance for those interested. Find out more about team games; duration, play options and discounts. We look forward to seeing you and your team at one of our five-star rated experiences soon!