Just The Two Of Us: Tackling An Escape Room As A Couple

Adventure, mystery and romance are often at the root of the best ever love stories, and luckily for you, it’s the same for an Escape Room. 

Through the twists and turns of unlocking a puzzle, or discovering a hidden clue nothing compares to this joint experience. Sharing this with a loved one (or potential future flame!) can do wonders for a relationship. 

An opportunity to learn new things about eachother, or perhaps talents that were waiting to be set loose – an Escape Room is a perfect date night. 

It’s all in the chemistry, baby!

Here are our thoughts on tackling a room as a couple:

One of a kind

Like your date, an Escape Room is a one of a kind experience. Even if you challenge yourselves to another room after, it’ll never be the same as the first!

What’s more, an Escape Room is a memorable experience that you are both unlikely to forget. 

Uniting over problem-solving and having to communicate in ways most likely unexplored before, an Escape Room is a welcome challenge to any relationship. Together, you will be taken out of your comfort zones and immersed in the game. 

With a photo op at the end of most Escape Rooms, you can relive the memory as often as you’d like! Plus, with Instagram doing the rounds, what better way to capture the moment for all your friends and family to oggle over!

A test in patience

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, patience isn’t always as easy to come by as it may have been before you got hitched (or committed for an extended amount of time!) That’s where the Escape Room flips everything you thought you knew over. 

In a glorious 180, an Escape Room utilises patience to complete your escape. With 60 minutes on the clock, you and your partner need to work together, patiently. Taking the time to listen to eachother, while working as a team to figure out what the room is trying to show you is a great way to exercise patience! Get practising!

Let me take the lead!

In all relationships, there comes a time when a leader will emerge, and the other will follow. It’s how teamwork functions! In an Escape Room, there is no option but to work as a team if you want to succeed in beating the room. 

Now, we all know that each individual has better skills than others. Your partner may be a whizz at solving riddles and using logic, while you may be a master of the written word; finding plot devices and tropes that tell a narrative. What better way to explore those skills with your partner, in the heat of the moment! 

Owning your strengths and skills as a couple is just as important as they are individually. Teamwork really does make the dream work in this scenario. 

A trust exercise

Trust can be a dealmaker or a dealbreaker in any relationship. The same goes for your ability to win in an Escape Room. 

Letting go of control and trusting in your partner’s reasoning and problem-solving may just give you both the answers you need to complete the game. 

So while the adrenaline is swirling around and your feeling of discomfort heightens, trust yourself and your loved one’s answers. Plus, what better way to make your bond stronger than starting and ending the game with trust. 

Speak to eachother!

In the throws of daily life it is easy for communication to break down between partners. We are all easily overcome by the stresses of work, family politics and our health, that we often forget how to talk to eachother. 

Without a doubt, communication is crucial in an Escape Room. As soon as the door closes to begin your game, you have to start paying attention. You need to take your time to uncover hidden details, match key clues and somehow piece all of your information to form a solution. How are you going to achieve any of it without communicating with one another?

So don’t be shy, share your information! Speak about the things you are noticing – the scratches on the walls, the newspaper in the typewriter – speak loud and clear! 

Escape Rooms are the perfect place to explore your relationships. Not only is it an exercise in trust, patience and learning new things about eachother – it is a shared experience. Few opportunities come along that gives us time with our loved ones. Use those 60 minutes wisely! Are you up for the challenge?