Logic Escapes Me! How To Bring The Team Together


Failure is all a part of learning. You hear it time and time again. When you are in the midst of losing an Escape Room, and your team is falling apart, you might think that you may as well quit while you’re ahead. 


The beauty of an Escape Room is that its primary purpose is to give you the best experience of your life. So when logic escapes you and time is running out, you haven’t failed the game. When you step back into the real-life world, there are many skills that you can take away from your time in an Escape Room. 

So, let’s bring the team together and get ready to take on your most thrilling adventure yet:

Play to your strengths

Logic isn’t the be-all and end-all of an Escape Room. We won’t deny that having a logical mind in your arsenal will raise your chances of beating a game, but a spectrum of skills are useful in any team. 

Think about your work colleagues. What makes them tick? Are they leaders? Support staff? Ambitious? Or team-orientated? 

Step back and think about your friendship groups. Who stands out? Who is the avid reader? The tech-head? The scientist? Or the sudoku fanatic? 

When you take a step back and think about who you would like to take into an Escape Room, you need to weigh up who will enjoy the experience the most. Is it all about winning? Or are you willing to go for it no matter what the endgame?

Playing to your strengths is all part of the fun. 

Team building exercise

In recent years, as well as a quirky first date option, Escape Rooms have served as an on-point team-building exercise experience. When you think about it, bringing the best skillsets to the surface from your employees will benefit your company well in the long run. So, why not?

Need to inspire and motivate your team? Book them in for an Escape Room. Together, your team has to work towards an end goal that has a fixed deadline. There is little room for error, and only success will score you the prize: beating the room. 

Besides collaboration, relying on each other and working efficiently, your team has overcome challenges and obstacles together. 

Go back to the office, and your employees will have shared in a bonding experience like no other that will impact their future performance for years to come. 

Opens up the conversation

Sometimes words fail us. It’s not that we don’t know what to say; it’s simply that we don’t know how to say it right. When you are struggling to communicate with a loved one, a friend or a work colleague, addressing the elephant in the room after experiencing an Escape Room might be the winning ticket. 

Escape Rooms makes you talk. Regardless of your confidence, there is no other way to play. Anything you see that makes you think or looks suspicious, you need to say it out loud. You can’t keep anything to yourself. The game won’t work without finding your voice. 

It might be that there is a puzzle that requires more than one person to operate, or you need to read and say aloud instructions. One thing’s for sure – an Escape Room will bring you out of your shell! 

Embracing problem-solving

A creative, problem-solving team is a winning team. There, we said it. 

Any puzzle, riddle or code you face in an Escape Room requires you to think creatively around the problem. Throw in time pressure, and you will instantly see the innovative problem-solving skills come to light, despite how buried they are!

When you feel like logic is failing you, take a step back. Let your creative mind string together the clues. Collaborate with your teammates and see what you discover together. The results are likely to surprise you!

Natural team leaders awaken!

You might be a merry band of old friends, work colleagues, or family, but there will be a natural team leader within your group. They might not even realise it until stepping into an Escape Room, but once the game begins, a leader will always emerge. 

Escape Rooms are a naturally challenging environment. They test your quick and creative thinking, your time management skills and how you communicate with others. What’s more interesting is what happens when an innate ability to lead becomes evident.

From behaving like deers trapped in headlights to a well-formed team, a lot can happen in sixty minutes. 

Whatever your skillset, background or interests, an Escape Room pushes you to your limits. While playing, you have to think creatively around problems and think on your feet. Who will you bring along to your next game?

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