Mix festive fun and team-building into a fun-filled afternoon

Team building does not need to be static and boring for all those involved. It can be much more fun with an exciting twist or two thrown into the mix! Plus, what a perfect time of year to make those team-building experiences that much more enjoyable as well as memorable this Christmas!

Team-building might sound like it would only relate to work or business-related training but teamwork and team-building affects us all. If you participate in any group activity then chances are that teamwork will be crucial for success. The overall objective of your activity might be to work together to achieve a common goal. Chances are that the exercise is more about team-building than anything else. Although, when something is fun, the team-building aspect is forgotten about; that can be the best kind! 

How does all of that relate to us here at Exciting Escapes? 

Two of our main objectives are linked to both teamwork and team-building. But we just make sure that your experience is fun above anything else! Your team gets to have an exciting experience that encourages them all to communicate. They can play on each other’s strengths. It’s the additional elements of fun and the unexpected that allow for an essential team build.

On top of that, you add Christmas and festive vibes, sounds like a team workshop’s dream. They are encouraged to work together naturally and not forced to! Both can have very different outcomes! 

If you think that you and your friends, work colleagues or even members of your family, could benefit from some enriching team-building opportunities then booking a festive-themed escape experience could be exactly what you are looking for. Here’s how you can mix team-building, festive fun and a thrilling experience all into one exciting afternoon… 

All the activity

Team-build that is disguised or centred around a fun and interactive experience is where true team-building can flourish. If you and your friends, family or work colleagues feel as though they are working together in a fun environment where their teamwork is not being watched, assessed or forced then this increases the chances for you all to become a stronger team.

Those team-building and communication skills really can be tested in the best possible way when you are all working harmoniously together to escape one of our special escape rooms. You can find out what each other’s strengths are as well as assist one another through their weaknesses. If the entire team-building experience is fun but still a little challenging then that is the best setting for natural and willing team-building. 

Our exciting games have been host to many corporate team-building functions before. They represent a space for individuals to thrive together to achieve a common goal. To escape before the time runs out…  

The additional Christmas cheer adds to the team-building experience

The only other thing that could make a group trip to an escape room that bit more exciting is of course Christmas time! We have themed games, decked out our locations and even have some Christmas parties available to book. You can always rely on Christmas to be able to naturally encourage a group of people to come together.

If you mix Christmas cheer, festive vibes and team-building with fun what do you get? Exciting Escape of course. An opportunity for you and your team to come together and test yourself in the most relaxed yet thrilling setting possible. Team-building is not meant to be a walk in the park.

Really for effective and natural team-building to take place, then the most important thing is the activity itself.  Is it fun? Can it offer the chance for real team-building to happen? Is there anything that makes the experience special and memorable so that you can all look back fondly on the experience? All those are essential and we tick every single box plus a few extra. On top of all of that, as we’ve said it’s also Christmas Time; one of our favourite holidays. Therefore you can count on us to incorporate festive cheer into your team-building experience for that extra bit of excitement that is also an important part of working as a team. 

That is why it’s so important that if you are setting up an experience for some team-building you make sure that it’s going to be fun! Christmas can add to the enjoyment and make your team-building a bit more special as well as memorable. You and your chosen team will be able to experience the festive fun as well as be able to think back fondly of your shared festive-themed escape. It will remind you all of the time when you all worked together and had fun!

To avoid disappointment, be sure to get booking your team game or experience soon. We have very limited availability coming up to Christmas and New Year. You can book your game online or ring up your local exciting escape location. Once again, be quick to secure your festive-themed game in time for Christmas.