Puzzles You Might Find In An Escape Room Pt 3 – Hidden Objects


Nothing is more thrilling than having to hunt down hidden objects in an Escape Room.

Using your investigative skills and finding secret objects, or information is all part of the fun. Sometimes what you are looking for will be staring you in the face. On other occasions, you may have to go exploring on your hands and knees.

Whatever it takes to find what is hidden from you will only add to the mystery and intrigue.

So get your adventure boots on and let’s go hunting!

Odd Places

Escape Rooms love you to interact with the game! It wouldn’t be a live-action sort of experience without you having a good rummage!

Vital artefacts, components or messages are often hidden in cleverly disguised places.

So, think beyond what you see at surface value.

The experienced player, and even the plain, old curious one, will search through everything that looks remotely out of place or different. Notice the oddities.

The book that is slightly wider than the others, the raised floor panel, the bulging coat pocket – take a look. If it doesn’t budge, your interest probably got the better of you. But if it does, look what you’ve just found!

Invisible to the Naked Eye

Some messages are not so easily found.

You may find a blacklight in a cabinet or a locked trunk. Could you pick it up and use it? Combing every surface will let you see the secrets hidden right in front of your face. Without it, you may never solve the clue at hand!

Out of Reach

Encountering an object that is out of reach is quite a common problem to face in an Escape Room. First, you have to realise where the hideyhole is, and then, you have to figure out how to get the object physically!

You may have found a grill, some bars or a cage with an object hidden inside. Reaching it isn’t as simple as putting your hand in.

Searching the room for a grab tool, like a magnet, or a fishing rod, maybe just what you need to bag the prize.

Keys are often part of these puzzles, so keep an eye out for what you’ll be using them to open in the meantime. It may save you valuable minutes later on.

In the Eye of the Beholder

Often objects will literally be hidden in plain sight. You may have noticed them as soon as you entered the Escape Room, but didn’t register their importance!

A key may have been put on a desk right in front of you. Or, a map placed next to an open book that has highlighted words.

Taking time to fully appreciate what is around you, while being strategic and purposeful will help you solve puzzles more efficiently. Plus, the satisfaction of finding something so obvious may help you unlock something more exciting as a result.

Everyday Objects

A sense of familiarity adds to the wonders of an Escape Room. Everyone knows what a set of cards looks like, or how books are formatted and numbered. So, if you see them in your game, go and investigate them.

Codes may be found in newspaper headlines, or a royal flush may give you the essential numbers you need. You may see a mechanism that requires you to navigate symbols to unlock a cabinet or safe.

Maze Runner

Anyone who grew up in the 90s is likely to have seen The Crystal Maze. Not only did every child, and adult, fantasise about reaching the Crystal Dome, they also coveted the thrill of the game itself.

Enter the maze game.

If you spot a maze in an Escape Room, know that you will need to solve it! An object will be hidden inside for you to get by manoeuvring an object outside of the maze to achieve your goal. What’s not to like?

Bringing your team together for this one may be your best bet! You may need to coordinate your movements with at least one other player.

Let the games begin!

Hidden object puzzles are an instant Escape Room favourite. Searching, investigating and deducing information from the clues you find is some of the greatest fun you can have.

So, go on! What will be your next mystery to solve?

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