7 Real-World Skills You Can Get From Escape Rooms

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Losing yourself in the exhilarating world of Escape Rooms is undeniably a unique experience. From discovering secret codes in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to solving the case which sets the wrongly accused free, there’s a lot to enjoy!

Thrown in at the deep end, there are skills and talents that you have to use in order to escape. Problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills are all brought to the forefront.

But, what real-world skills can you gain from an Escape Room? Here’s our breakdown:


1. Creative thinking

When there are only sixty minutes on the clock, you are forced to be creative. Everything that you see in the room from the mirror on the wall to the secret door, all contain possible solutions to figuring out the complex puzzle before you. 

The beauty of an Escape Room is that you have to analyse patterns and join the dots in the long narrative of the game. Creative thinking allows you to think outside of the box, and ask the less obvious questions. 


2. Problem-solving

Confronted by seemingly impossible or unbreakable scenarios are all part of an Escape Room’s allure. With each activity you are presented with, you will need to use problem-solving skills that you can apply to real-life situations. 

Without a basis in reality, Escape Rooms just don’t work. So, prepare yourself to step into another world. One that is rooted in what you know, but with a compelling mystery to unlock your problem-solving brain!


3. Enhance your communication skills

From the shy introvert to the confident extrovert, there are some situations that we just don’t like. For some of us, it is the art of communication. Unlike other scenarios you may find yourself in, an Escape Room game needs you to be vocal. In a game of say what you see, every observation counts. 

Have you noticed the secret writing underneath the desk? Well, your teammates haven’t! Unlike you, Fred is so occupied by the ominous-looking books on the shelf, that he wouldn’t even dare to think that the carved-out letters on the desk mean something. So, tell him! It may be the most essential clue you find in the room. 

Important information needs to be communicated. Equally, you need to take the time to listen to your team. Listening is one of the most underrated parts of communication. What’s more, it is a valuable tool in a world that is vying for everyone’s attention. 


4. Learn to be a team player

Solving an Escape Room solo is not really part of the game. Often puzzles are set up with two or more players in mind so that tasks can be solved as a collective. What’s more, you are united with a common goal, and that is to escape the room within your allocated 60 minutes. 

Playing to each other’s strengths and working together will give you the greatest chance of coming out with a win. What a valuable life-skill to gain for when you are reunited with the outside world!


5. Improved concentration

Learning to focus in stressful, time-restricted moments in our lives is one of the biggest challenges we can face. Within an Escape Room, being able to concentrate is one of your best allies. 

Most games you will encounter are linear, where you have to solve one puzzle before you can move on to the next. So, you will need to focus on the task at hand to be successful!

You can take that to your next office team meeting!


6. Attention to detail

If you have taken on an Escape Room before you may have noticed that the devil is always in the detail. Just when you think you have cracked the case, a spanner is often thrown into the works. 

It may be that you have missed one element like a roman numeral scored on the spine of a book – the last digit of the code you need to open a door! Or, you may have left an object unturned that holds a missing key. 

Everything in an Escape Room has a purpose. From the themed posters lining the walls down to the lamp on a desk, nothing is by chance. Missing one small element can throw your entire game. 

So, exercise your attention to detail. Take note of the hidden messages, a scrap of paper with odd phrases and the coat left on a chair. You never know what you’ll discover! Now, step back into your daily life. What do you see now?


7. Time management skills

Here’s the big one! There’s no better way to enhance your time management skills than taking on an Escape Room. Time is limited, and every minute counts. 

Every puzzle, riddle and clue are designed to be solved and discovered within your given time. So, you need to learn quickly how to manage your time down to the last second. How else are you going to beat the room?

There you have it! Escape Rooms are a space where you can develop your real-world skills, all while having an adventure. Where do I sign up?


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