Schools Out: 7 Unmissable Attractions in Croydon

Schools are finally out for the summer, and after months of lockdowns and other restrictions, it’s time to think about what the next six weeks have in store. Some of you will be fighting parenting fatigue with a mixture of joy and dread, whereas others of you will be counting down the days until you can finally get away. 

Croydon is one of London’s most vibrant and exciting towns. Jampacked with adrenaline-pumping activities, arts and culture, and some of the most delicious foodie delights found in the UK; there’s more than one reason to make a trip. 

Want a taster? Here are 7 unmissable attractions in Croydon that should top your list:

Exciting Escapes

Slap bang in the middle of Croydon’s bustling high street, you’ll find Exciting Escapes. Home to a collection of fully immersive, code-busting adventure games, the whole family can try and make their escape all within 60 minutes. 

Think Crystal Maze meets Big Brother, and you’re not a million miles away from what awaits you behind the Games Master’s locked doors. Together, you and the clan need to discover clues, crack codes, and piece together all the answers to solve the mystery. 

Each game has a thought-provoking backstory full of intrigue and suspense, supported by an authentic array of props and a soundscape to make you feel like you’ve really stepped back in time. 

Whether you want to uncover secrets from the Cold War era, jump back to the 1990s, party with British Intelligence, or investigate a creepy 1980s based medical research facility, there’s something for everyone. If you think you’re all up for a challenge, plan your visit today. 

Let the games begin before your time runs out!

Boxpark Croydon

A foodie’s paradise, Boxpark is home to over 40 different eateries offering global cuisine, street feasts, and an incredibly diverse events calendar to keep you busy all year round. Constructed from several shopping containers and with an atmosphere bursting through the roof, it’s easy to fall in love with this hip little corner of town. 

Whether you want to introduce your kiddos to new tastes and flavours, get involved with the longstanding Comedy Club 4 Kids, or dance away to Stormzy, any trip to Boxpark will be one you won’t forget. 

The Ludoquist

Want a warm-up before you book in your escape room? Well, pop into The Ludoquist. Home to all the fantastic retro board games you loved as a child to quirky modern gems, you can enjoy an action-packed afternoon as you sip on some of the best coffee in town. 

Perfect if you love Catan, Ticket to Ride, and the iconic Dungeons & Dragons, there’s something for everyone at this little slice of gaming heaven. If you’re a fan of delicious pizza and want to connect over a game, this is the one for you. 

Historic Croydon Airport

One of Croydon’s worst-kept secrets is the quirky Airport Visitor Centre tucked away on Purley Way. It is home to the world’s oldest Air Traffic Control Tower, where you can see how the airport evolved over the years through a series of interactive displays. 

If you want a unique glimpse at Croydon’s own slice of aviation history and explore how the people, events, and innovations of how the world’s first modern airport shaped air travel for generations to come, make sure you keep a few hours spare on the first Sunday of each month. Although it’s free to enter, make sure you pre-book in advance!

Visit Selhurst Park 

You’ve seen the sights, you’ve solved the case, and you’ve had a taste of the top-notch street food on offer; now it’s time to enjoy a national pastime! 

Selhurst Park has been home to the formidable Crystal Palace F.C. since 1928. For over a century, the team has topped the premier league, produced several memorable players such as Vince Hilaire, Geoff Thomas, and Ian Wright, and has left a lasting impact on football fans up and down the country. 

Why not pop into the on-site merch store or enjoy a game with the whole family? There’s no better way to experience firsthand the highs and lows of the greatest game on earth after all. 

Arts & Sounds

Croydon is an undeniable hotspot for creativity and groundbreaking artwork. It is home to some of the most jawdropping murals, including the Chadwick Boseman memorial piece that is not only inspiring but incredibly moving to see close up. 

Then there are the iconic music venues that have helped shape the local music scene. From the characterful Oval Tavern to the creative hub Matthew’s Yard, the whole family can get swept up in all the fun. 

If you’re looking for family-friendly art days and artist-led workshops, the Turf is well worth a visit. Based at Croydon Arts Store, this artist-run contemporary art space offers an exciting programme of free exhibitions and events throughout the year. 

Shirley Windmill

Schools might be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean your children stop learning! Fortunately, you can visit the remarkable 19th Century Shirley Windmill, and discover what it was like to be involved with one of the most backbreaking and intricate industries.

Inside you can explore the beautifully restored mill and see its original machinery and features, including two pairs of millstones. A great place to visit for old and young alike, you won’t find a more complete story of what it was like for the people who worked and lived in the mill. 

With a host of warm and friendly staff to give you all the insider info, you can expect the questions to keep coming from your kiddos long after you’ve left!

Living through a worldwide pandemic has come with a lot of sacrifices. You may have had to cancel plans, stopped seeing loved ones for months on end, and struggled to have quality time with your family. Well, that ends now. Schools out! Come and make the most of it in Croydon town and make lasting memories with us.