Southampton Escape Room reveals hints and tips!

Confidential- Southampton Escape room hints and tips

Agents, if you’re reading this top secret document it means Her Majesty’s intelligence services has allowed you to do so and have been shortlisted as a possible operatives on one of our Southampton Escape room missions.

It’s clear I usually get asked the same sorts of things by our agents before I set them off on their mission – the most common being if I have any escape room tips or tricks for them. Clearly the inquisitive great minds of our operatives think alike! Being their kind and generous and ever watchful intelligence officer, I have prepared some vital notes below that should be able to help you. Points that I have learned… From experience.

Communicating in an escape room

Easily the most important factor in the success of our field operatives. We like to believe if our agents have all arranged this rendezvous together they are likely to be already well acquainted, however this appears to not always be the case!

If you have solved something, tell people! It’s always an odd sight to see someone else come along and work so hard on unlocking an already open lock, but they’re the experts, perhaps they know more? Or they might just be looking to swoop in and take credit.

Be sure to check in on others regularly, ask them how they are getting on with their tasks. If you’ve found something, ensure every member of your team knows and sees it too! It is very difficult to solve two halves of the same problem in different corners of the room.

Escape room searching

On our missions our enemies are crafty and can hide things in all sorts of places. Now we’re not wanting to leave any evidence behind, so care should be taken when rooting through our fields of operation. However, poking your head into a room for a cursory glance does not constitute a thorough search of the area!

Our escape rooms are great for kids! Younger agents are usually the best to assign for the role of sifting through an area for anything and everything useful – we call these agents ‘Bloodhounds’, in the business. Just bear in mind, while these agents can be relied on to recover items of interest, they might, however, be trusted to keep track of them…

Taking the advice of others

Escape rooms are the best place to listen to others. There can be a lot of voices on your mission with their own perspectives, remember none of them are wrong until you’ve put them to the test! If you are struggling with an aspect of your mission let another operative have a go or work on it from their perspective, it might be the key to your success.

Once again our younger agents here can be relied upon for some rather… Out the box, thinking. Now I have to admit some of their suggestions can outright scare me when I lean in to listen through our spy equipment. But usually… Usually… There’s a little gem of a great idea in there. Listen to these little agents.

Asking for help

Lastly, remember that your missions are under time pressure, everything you need to complete your mission will be made available – including intelligence operative such as myself. I have been forced paid to help you on your mission, and that includes offering advice if needed!

We ensure you always have some point of contact with the agent guiding you through your mission, we can see everything that your team discovers on your mission and listening to every snippet of idea we hear, piecing them together from the comfort of our screens while you run around doing the dirty work. While we may not have the answers for you if you call, we can often point you in the right direction for you to solve yourselves. Make use of our expertise! Or, just call for a chat. Please?…..

If its your first time, I would advise our mission ‘A Hidden Past’ as a great introduction. Good luck

“Agent Richard Wiggles”, Southampton Escape Room HQ