Why Do We Love Escape Rooms?

Why do we love escape rooms?

Challenging, an experience of a lifetime and obscenely cool – where do we even start? 

Escape Rooms are a worldwide phenomenon. Exhilarating and immersive they take you to a different world. You have to escape the 80’s, unmask a villain or tap into the psyche of a heist mastermind. 

If you really think about it, Escape Rooms are the closest thing to living out a video game. The difference; you are the player and everything is tangible and real. 

Chuck in a competitive streak and a healthy boost of adrenaline, there’s a reason why we’re all hooked. So, why do we love Escape Rooms? Let’s take a look:

Not an average night out

Date night: enjoy a meal at your local Italian followed by a trip to the cinema. Or, a quick trip to the pub and then a stroll through the park. Awkward conversation – unavoidable. And repeat. 

Night out with friends: cruise along the seafront, go for a drink, grab a pizza. Every Friday.

Round and round we go. 

Fancy an adventure? It’s a no brainer! Get yourself to your nearest Escape Room immediately. Don’t delay. 

Why add to the mundanity of life by choosing to do the same thing over and over again? Escape Rooms are not only fun, adventurous and exciting, but they are challenging! They push you to the limit! 

Escape Rooms are intellectual, puzzling, and an emotional rollercoaster all in one. They make you think outside the box, use your creativity and bring out the best in you and your teammates. You might even learn something about yourself in the process. 

Time flies

With 60 minutes on the clock, your adventure has a time limit. As you get to grips with the game, you’re confident that you’ve got this in the bag. Time ticks on, you’re not worried, look at all the progress you’ve made. You’ve got at least three out of the five clues already. 

“Three minutes remain.” 

Is that all? Last time you checked, there were twenty minutes on the clock. That’s when the adrenaline hits. It’s been bubbling under the surface since you stepped into the room – now, you can feel it’s intensity.

It’s incredible how quickly time flies when you’re having fun!

Positive thinking

Thinking on your feet and doing it quickly is a sure fire way to release an invigorating dose of dopamine through your body. Active mind, healthy heart – you will be enjoying the endorphin benefits in no time. 

Fast thinking gets the best out of your brain and boosts your mood. That’s right! Escape Rooms make you happy! The perfect antidote for when life gets you down. 

At the same time, you get to stretch and train your brain. Trying to solve the puzzles on offer in a game will exercise your cognition skills and improve brain function. So why not give yourself a treat for your brain?

Share the fun

We live in a world full with instant gratification and as a result we disconnect from the people in our lives. We offer snapshots into our day via social media – always with a filter, never really saying what we mean. 

As human beings we need connection. 

An Escape Room allows you to build relationships and bond over an experience. Locked in a room for 60 minutes, you and your team have a common goal – to get out. To get there you need to work together and share the moment, your ideas and how you see the world. 

In an Escape Room you are removing yourself from the outside world. Inside you can cultivate lasting bonds and memories that will last a lifetime. 

So enjoy the ride!

Experience like no other

We’ve all got a favourite film or character that has stuck with us into adulthood. As a youth we dreamed about the adventure, the thrill of the chase or uncovering the mystery. 

Now you can experience it for yourself. 

Diving headfirst into a thrilling tale that has high stakes and an unpredictable plot. You’re in the driving seat this time, and there’s nothing that compares to that feeling. 

The breakout

The minutes have flown by – you’ve outsmarted the room, solved all the clues and stringed all the evidence together. 

Time has suddenly stopped as you place your hand on the handle that marks your escape. You’ve done it! Nothing compares to that feeling. 

With minutes or even seconds on the timer, you have achieved what you thought was impossible, and yet here you stand victorious. 

Adrenaline pumping, bright eyed and happy you and your team have done it together. Think of the conversations you’re going to have now and how excited you’re all going to be when you do the next one!

Ready to get stuck in? Immerse yourself in the adventure and the fun – prepare to fall in love with an experience like no other. 

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