Why Escape Rooms are Great for Kid’s Parties

Stories are exciting. They take you to other worlds and help you to understand different cultures and how people speak and think. Now imagine stepping right into the heart of the story alongside all your favourite friends. 

Escape rooms are a doorway into another world. Not only can your child step into the shoes of a secret agent, but they can use all their detective skills and creative thinking in ways they haven’t conceived of before. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to the traditional and embrace the unusual? Here’s why we think escape rooms are great for kids parties: 

Everyone will be talking about it

An escape room kid’s birthday party is not your standard, traditional affair. There’s no pomp and ceremony, no musical chairs or bumps, and there’s certainly no awkward dad dancing! 

Instead, your 6-13 year-olds get to play a highly unusual but exciting game. They get to play at being secret agents for a whole hour, find clues and solve puzzles. 

But that’s not all. An escape room is a fully immersive, live-action game. Led by our resident “spymaster,” your child’s birthday guests can work in a team of six or go head-to-head against another six-party attendees. 

After getting swept up in the mystery, adventure and sheer fun of the event, everyone will be talking about their time in the game for weeks, if not years, to come! 

Everyone gets involved

Teamwork really does make the dream work in an escape room. And what better way to get your children thinking about others and how they relate to them than throwing them in at the deep end!

During your child’s escape room party, they will have to learn how to communicate effectively.

But more than that, the game itself will make them have to say what they see to the whole group. It’s a great confidence boost and will teach all the kids valuable life lessons they can take home with them too. 

Enhances role play

Role play is an essential life skill and integral to child development. It builds confidence, communication, problem-solving, creativity and physical development – all crucial things you need to beat an escape room! 

Escape rooms place you at the heart of the story. You can easily get swept up in the plot and can get fully stuck into the character that you’re playing. 

Now imagine playing one of our escape room games as a child. Besides being ridiculously fun, it allows your child to get into character and act out real-life roles or fictional performances. 

Encourages critical thinking 

Escape rooms are challenging. They make you think outside of the box and use all your critical, creative and logical thinking during gameplay. 

Even our children’s party games aren’t designed to be solved quickly. To be successful, your children will need to make crucial decisions throughout the game to help them crack puzzles and find all the clues they need. 

Our games improve critical thinking and develop problem-solving skills. You can take that to the bank! 

Great way to burn off energy!

While most birthday parties are all about the cake, general frivolity and sugar (!), leaving your kids to go home completely wired, our parties are very different. 

All that pent-up energy is used up running around and searching for clues and solving interactive puzzles. We encourage players to crawl, duck, stand on their tip toes and physically move within the game space. It’s the only way your kids will find what they need to beat the game! 

Imaginations can run wild

Not only are our escape room children’s birthday parties fantastic for enhancing role-playing skills, but your kids can fully interact with the story too. 

It’s the perfect place for imaginations to run wild – for your child to think outside the box and make connections beyond the story. 

Develops maths and literacy skills

Escape rooms are so much fun that they naturally disguise many of the educational skills they encourage! Within one hour, your kids will have used numerous maths and literacy skills without realising. 

Codes will need to be cracked using arithmetic, unscrambling numeric lines and spotting hidden clues. Word puzzles will require your kids to find words, letters and symbols. 

In some instances, your children will even get to practice their handwriting skills as they jot down symbols, letters or pieces of code. 

More than a game

Escape rooms are more than just a game. Your kids will discover skills they never knew they had. Learn how to engage with different media and learn through hands-on activities. It is the perfect opportunity for your kids to engage with something interactive, fun and skill-building. 

But more than that, it enhances your child’s scope of thinking. This is down to the subject matter of our games. Topics range throughout the decades, covering WWI and WWII, science, space, the cold war and more. 

Our games are a place of discovery and instil a sense of achievement, even if you don’t ultimately win. 

You really can have your cake and eat it!

After your child’s team (or teams) have made their escape and fulfilled all their secret agent duties, they can chow down and relax in the party room. 

There they can relive their wonderful moments in the game and debrief, get some refreshments and carry on the party vibes with an excellent party feast. We’re happy to cater, but equally, if you would prefer to bring your own food and drink, you are more than welcome. 

Don’t forget to take advantage of a photo op and give all of the attendees a further keepsake of their memorable time in the game! 
Kids parties don’t have to be boring! Escape room birthday parties are a memorable, fun event that will be talked about for weeks, if not years, to come! Bursting with interactive, hands-on puzzles and allowing your kids to think outside the box – best parties of the year. Are you ready to take your child’s birthday party to the next level?