Why Escape Rooms are the Perfect Weekend Activity

With the weekend just around the corner, it’s time to hit pause on the mundanity of life! We don’t just mean spending quality time with your loved ones curled up on your sofa at home. Instead, why not step back in time to the 1920s, and rub shoulders with the mob? Or perhaps uncover secrets from WWI

You see, Escape Rooms allow you to take a step on the wild side. From discovering hidden secrets to unmasking illicit gambling rings, you can experience an immersive adventure like no other, all within 60 minutes. 

Here’s why we think Escape Rooms make the perfect weekend activity:

Extraordinary experience

Weekends are designed to be just that – a break from your ordinary week. So why settle for something anything less than extraordinary? 

Fully immersive, challenging and fun, an Escape Room is not your typical weekend activity. No matter what game you choose, you will be thrown into a world of intrigue, mystery and puzzles. Whether you pull off a train heist or defuse a WWII bomb before it explodes, you’re sure to have an action-packed adventure. 

You’ll be greeted by your Games Master, who will help take your experience to the next level. Then, the fun really begins as you step through and discover a whole new world waiting behind an unassuming door. 

With authentic props, outstanding special effects and an era-inspired soundtrack to help you suspend your disbelief – get ready to spend (part of) your weekend locked in a room. The catch? You have 60 minutes on the clock to make your escape. Ready? Let’s go!

Time well spent

Escape Rooms are your one-stop shop for spending much-needed quality time with your friends, family and work colleagues. They allow you to engage with eachother in a whole different way. You get to see where your teammates shine and discover skills you never knew you had—all within the confines of a fun and fully immersive experience. 

Whether you race against the clock and make your escape before the final minute, or you don’t make it out on time – guess what? You will be talking about this experience for years to come! What’s more, you’ll feel closer together and more bonded than ever before. Win, win if you ask us!

Good for your brain

Work can be stressful. Throw in a tricky relationship, kids and a whole range of scenarios, and you get to the end of each week feeling slightly broken and in need of a good pick me up. 

Well, look no further. Escape Rooms are good for your brain. 

While you use your creative or critical thinking skills to unlock a puzzle or crack a code, you exercise your cognition skills and improve your brain function as you go. All that fast thinking gets your brain working and boosts your mood. 

Throw in a healthy dose of dopamine from all that thinking on your feet, and you’ll feel invigorated post game. Now that’s something to talk about!

Story mode, engage!

Plot twists, shocking reveals and the joy of victory are all part and parcel of an Escape Room. Getting thrown into the middle of an adventure, with the clock ticking, thrusts you straight into the heart of the story. 

What’s more, Escape Rooms bring the impossible to life. They make you feel like you’re the character in a murder mystery, space adventure or hard-gitting gangster show. But you are in charge of the ending. Everything is live, after all. 

The age-old saying…

Time really does fly when you’re having fun! One minute you’ve stepped into another world, there are 58 minutes left on the clock, and you’re feeling pretty confident. 

The next time you glance at the clock or a disembodied voice (yes, that sometimes happens) announces that there are 10 minutes left. You’re suddenly scrambling to piece all the clues together and blow the case right open. Or, you know, crack the final code that makes you pull off the greatest bank robbery of all time…well, in-game anyway!

Say hello to the adrenaline rush. 

It’s amazing how quickly an hour passes when you are having the time of your life! 

A satisfying ending

Towards the end of your game, you might be feeling pretty smug about how the past 60 minutes panned out. You’ve found all the clues, pieced together the puzzle, and now it’s finally time for your team’s final act: to place your hand on the doorknob and make your escape. 

Whether you have minutes to spare or seconds, there’s nothing like that final moment. The feeling of satisfaction and success is infectious. You’ve just beaten the room. It may have been one of the most challenging games you’ve ever played, but boy was it fun! 

Even for those who don’t quite make it, the buzz from an Escape Room will make you want to return and see if you have what it takes next time!

A sense of purpose

After you’ve made your breakout, grabbed a group shot with your Games Master and made your way towards the exit, it’s time to debrief with your team. Whether you go out for dinner or have a good natter on your way back home, the conversation is going to be thrilling. 

Not only have you all just shared an incredible bonding moment together, but you know eachother in a completely different light now. You may have discovered that your partner works well under pressure, that your sibling has an incredible way of thinking outside the box or that you can pull abstract ideas together and make sense of them! 

Whatever you take away from your Escape Room experience, know this: you can work well under pressure, solve challenging puzzles and communicate better than ever before. 

What better way to spend your weekend! 

If you’re ready for your next adventure to be a bit more different than your usual weekend pursuits, then look no further. Escape Rooms are incredibly unique experiences that not only challenge you, but they are so much fun! What game will you take on first?