Why Your Next Big Party Event Should be at an Escape Room?

There are some celebrations that need a suitable event to match! And what better way to get the party started than hosting your next big event at an Escape Room. You get everything from glitz and glamour down to an experience out of this world. 

Gone are the days of sit down dinners and awkward small talk occasions. Instead, you can go on a memorable adventure with your loved ones, co-workers and friends in a night you’ll never forget. 

Want to find out more? Here’s why your next big party event should be held in an Escape Room:

Breaking the ice has never been easier 

When you think of all the awkward parties you’ve been to, what stood out to you the most? Firstly, awkward chit chat is a big one for most. Secondly, there’s the never-ending element to the whole affair, where it just goes on and on and on. Don’t forget the party games. You know the ones! 

With an Escape Room, all of those odd party expectations are gone. There is no time for awkwardness, and there is a definitive end to your evening with 60 minutes on the clock. 

So buckle up for the ride; this party is about to get started!

Memorable for all the right reasons

Of course, one of the most important things about an Escape Room is making your escape before time runs out. Along with your team, you need to face challenges, work out riddles and ultimately crack the case wide open. 

They say the best memories are made when you’re having fun. Now picture the scene. You step into a room, and you are greeted by the past. It could be a submarine deck, a jail cell or even an old church. 

But, this isn’t just a room. You are tasked with freeing the wrongly accused man. Or finding the all-important code to defuse a WWII bomb before it’s too late. Or maybe you have to play spy to uncover dark government secrets. 

Throw in some authentic props and a plot to make Sherlock quake in his boots, and you know that this is a night you won’t forget. 

A team bonding extravaganza

You might want to kindle a new romance, bond with your family, or treat your staff to a team bonding extravaganza like no other. Whatever your reasons for choosing an Escape Room for your event, getting swept up in the drama of one of our games will be a game-changer.

Escape Rooms force you to have to communicate with your team effectively. You have to listen well and rely on others. Most players often discover talents they never knew they had before stepping through the door. 

Without good teamwork, you’ll never solve the mystery. So speak up, embrace your team, and you’ll leave feeling closer to your clan as a result of playing. 

A healthy dose of competition

Did you know that our Escape Rooms are built for more than just a small group of players? You can either hire out the whole venue, play a side-by-side game or go head-to-head in the ultimate Crystal Maze meets Big Brother showdown. 

Get the party off to a bang and see which team comes out on top. Add extra spice by putting a prize on the table for the winners! 

Tap into your creativity

Thinking outside the box is enough to get most people’s creative juices flowing. Despite playing a game, there is plenty of space for you to use your creative skills in an Escape Room. Take your time to spot what others may not. Get down on your hands and knees and look under desks, rummage through boxes and look up towards the ceiling and walls. 

Spot a dark corner. Is there a torch nearby? Wonky picture frame? Take a closer look. Is there a jacket left on a chair? Pick it up, and look at the label and in the pockets! 

Get your glad rags on

Escape Rooms are fully immersive and put you, the player, right in the story’s centre. Without you, the plot can’t progress, and the characters stay in an odd sort of limbo. 

Why not dress up for the occasion to take your experience to the next level?

Dress like a British Intelligence spy and take on our A Hidden Past game. Or embrace your inner Peaky Blinder and get kitted out for Dark Deeds and Groceries. Go a step further and imagine what the world will look like in 2050 in Spies in Space! 

Whatever your vibe, there’s a game to suit you that will bring your detective skills to the fore. So why not dress the part?

Not sure what to wear? Have a rummage in our dress-up closet, and see your transformation!

You get to play make-believe

We all love a good adventure story. Mix in a bit of horror here and there, maybe a scandal or even a dramatic plot twist, and you’ve got the makings of a great game. 

But Escape Rooms take that concept to the next level. You get to play make-believe with your buddies. You can be whoever you want to be for a whole hour. Hero, detective, lone ranger (not recommended, it’s a team game, after all!), spy, leader – you name it, you can do it. 

As soon as you walk into one of our rooms, you’ll quickly realise how authentic it looks. Everything from wall to ceiling is adorned with era-authentic props matched with ambient lighting and, of course, a soundscape to place you right in the heart of the action. 

Great photo op

What better way to end your game session than getting a few snaps to commemorate your time in the room! Whether you come out of the game as victors or didn’t quite hit the mark this time, you’ll all delight in the special time you had together. 

So no more worrying about where to host your next big party. Book your event with us and take your night to the next level.