couples and duo's

Awesome Escape Room Fun for Two's

Playing a game as a two means you get to see more of the game, be involved in more of the challenges, and learn a lot more about each other. Maximum fun, Maximum challenge!

Any of our games can be played as a two, but the most accessible for a Duo are ‘Breaking the Law’ in Basingstoke and Croydon, or ‘Millennium Meltdown’ in Portsmouth.

Why not bring another couple and race Head-to-Head! Play any of our identical pairs of games, any time bar Saturday 10 till 6, for the low price of £100 for 4 people. Call to book this offer.

One of our team recently wrote an excellent blog on why Escape Rooms make a great date for Valentines that's worth a read. Just click below to learn more.


A one hour adventure (90 minutes on site) costs £33 per person if you are hiring the whole game for the two of you. If you come as a foursome, its £29pp