Are you considering opening your own Escape Room? Perhaps you love playing the games and want to turn that passion into a business you can enjoy. Maybe you have been looking for a franchise opportunity and want to get in now while global ER growth is so high? Maybe you’re just curious, and want to talk to someone about the possibilities this industry has to offer?

What ever the reason, here at Exciting Escapes we would love to help. The owners, David and Peter Gale, have over 40 years of successful leadership experience between them from various blue-chip, international organisations. They have already used this experience to launch their own venture and within a few months months it became one of the top rated Escape Rooms in the UK. More than that, it turned a profit from the very first month and continues to do so.

​They want to use this experience and success to help you with your own business. Perhaps you have the business background, but want the support of proven game designs and materials? We can help. Perhaps you want the business framework, from marketing strategy to social media, from operations management to recruitment? They can help you bring it to life. Perhaps you just want to chat to someone about what a Franchise could mean for you, and how the Exciting Escapes brand could be uniquely tailored to help you realise your ambitions?

We can help!

Just call David Gale on 07701 039 363 for a chat. We would really like to hear from you to discuss how we can help.