adventures with friends

Getting the gang together for 5-star rated fun

It's not always easy to get everyone together. For those times you do, it has to be something special, that everyone will enjoy. We are one of the 'Top Rated Fun Things to Do' for very good reasons!

The ideal team size is 4-5, though many of our games take up to 7 people. For larger groups, every site has a pair of identical games where you can split into two teams and race head-to-head!

Celebrating a Birthday or other special event? Any evening after 6pm, up to 12 people can play two games each and bring along drinks and food for the gap in between. Only £295 for an evening of amazing fun!

One of our team recently wrote an excellent blog on why Escape Rooms are fantastic for Friends. Click the link below for a read.


The price is based on the number of people playing the game. As an example, a one-hour adventure (90 minutes on site) for 6 people is £25pp. Please do check our pricing and latest offers on the link below!