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Hampshire Escape Room Experiences

An Escape Room is an hour-long adventure with your friends, your family or perhaps your work-mates. It’s a bit like the Crystal Maze from TV, or a real-life version of an online Room Escape game. You play as a team and have to find clues, solve puzzles, and complete challenges to finish your mission in 60 minutes!

We have experiences based in Southampton and Basingstoke where you and your team take on various missions for British Intelligence.

You might uncover evidence of a murder during the Cold War of the 1950’s. Maybe take on Communist spies in the music scene of the 1980’s. Perhaps even break into a London Police station to thwart a corrupt Police Officer in 1970’s London.

Whichever story that you play a part in, each presents its own unique challenges for a truly entertaining experience.

You don’t need to know exactly how escape rooms works before you arrive. One of our team will meet you from the door, take you through the game, and be on hand to help you if you need it. If you’re looking for something fun, different, and enjoyably challenging then this is for you!


The chance to do something fun and different for an hour – why not take on the challenge, complete the mission and escape the room?

Getting together with friends? Trying to entertain the kids? Whatever the reason, get a group together for a fabulous time to remember, solving puzzles and mysteries while the clock ticks down.


Want something different for a night out with your other half?

Maybe it’s a first date, and you want to take them somewhere different? Maybe it’s just one of those rare nights out and you don’t want to waste it doing the same old thing. Either way, this escape room experience is for you!


Looking to bring your team together, challenge them and learn more about each other?

Do something new and innovative, getting the best out of each other while having fun in our escape room experiences. Our specialist offering is based on years of team building experience can be tailored to your specific needs.


Step away from the screen and immerse yourself in a real-life escape room gaming experience.

There’s no chance to ‘save’, press the ‘pause’ button or lower the difficulty level. This is about you, your team, different challenges and just 60 minutes on the clock.



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