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Can you solve our escape room?

Where do your talents lie? Our mysteries require quick wits and keen eyes.

Are you up to the challenge?

There’s no instruction manual, no guidance and no second chances. Can you prove yourselves as master tacticians and escapists?

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Why our Southampton escape rooms are unique?

21 Authentic Escape Rooms – And five different escape room themes in Southampton.

Go Head-to-Head! – “Paired” rooms allow teams to race to see who’s investigative instincts are sharper. Both teams start at the same time, but who will finish first?

Big Brother Game Mode – A “watch one play one” scenario. Think Big Brother meets Crystal Maze. Fantastic for team building.

Large ‘Team Build’ Events – Our reception and separate briefing rooms cater for bigger teams.

Free Momento – Snap a wicked team photo when you escape.

Fancy Dress Wardrobe – Capture the moment! Slip into your sleuth persona for a team picture.

Winning Time Fridge Magnet – Proud of your winning time? Good, because it’s going on your fridge! Not proud of your time? Then come back and try again…

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What Escape Room will you choose?

Are you good at defusing a situation?


There’s no time to spare in Silence is a Virtue, especially when the entire city’s fate rests in your hands…

It’s 1941, a German bomb has crashed through the roof of a local church but it hasn’t exploded… yet.

The only thing that separates your team from success is your wits and cunning. Oh, and the bomb seems to have a slight fault…

Your Mission: In just 60 minutes, you must retrieve the top secret documents from the church before the unexploded bomb detonates and lays waste to the city.

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Are you a good cop or a bad cop?


The year is 1977, international tension is fierce and British Intelligence cannot allow government secrets to fall into the wrong hands.

They believe that Detective Inspector Monroe, of the Metropolitan Police, has been providing foreign powers with intel…

The catch? The evidence is in his police station – you just need you to break in and find it…

Your Mission: You have 60 minutes to break into the Detective Inspector’s police station, source the evidence and escape without being caught.

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A head-to-head cold war challenge.


The year is 1957, the Cold War is compromising domestic and international relations and dark secrets are surfacing from even the most innocuous places. British Intelligence have captured a spy from his flat in Shirley – while they interrogate, you must investigate.

Your Mission: Everyone has skeletons in their closet but some are bigger than others. Can you uncover his secret within 60 minutes before enemy agents arrive to clean up the mess?

*This is a great introductory experience if you haven’t played an escape room in Southampton before. As there are two rooms, you can choose to go head-to-head with another team!

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Can You Handle Deep Space Espionage?


Its 2050, and you are hired by British Intelligence to investigate a problem on Britain’s spaceship, the HMSS Shirley. The Intelligence Services believe someone is planning to sabotage the ship and you must find out who.

You meet a local operative who has been requested to take you on a tour of the station. But you may have arrived too late…

Your Mission: Your team must join forces with the operative to uncover the saboteur’s sinister plot before you become one with the stars… you have 75 minutes.

*Please note this Southampton escape room involves some flashing lights and smoke effects

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Need Help in the Room?

A mysterious caller may help you in times of need…

Have you ever seen a film where a phone box just starts ringing? Or a phone in an abandoned building suddenly b-r-r-r-rings?

Our team will always be behind the door ready and waiting to offer their advice if you need it. Each Southampton escape room has its own CCTV cameras and microphones to help nudge players in the right direction.

Our Gamesmasters can interact with your team when required, so when all may seem lost, listen out for that b-r-r-r-r-ringggg…

*PLEASE NOTE – you and your team will never be locked in the room, you can leave anytime you want and end your experience whenever you like.

Why Choose Us?

Much of our time and effort goes into sourcing props that help build and create a completely immersive experience.

Authenticity is high on our list of priorities, and we guarantee that as soon as you open the door to one of our Southampton escape rooms, the world you once knew will be swiftly forgotten and locked in an alternate reality.

Do you have what it takes to complete our escape rooms in Southampton?

Once that door closes, you’re left with nothing but your senses, gut instinct and investigative skills..

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