Get Ready for your Next Family Adventure!

Get Ready for your Next Family Adventure!

Finding the perfect bonding activity for the whole family to enjoy is no small feat. Once your kids hit ten years old, things get even more challenging. From navigating pre-teen life to sitting down in front of a screen most evenings, it’s time to break the mould!

Escape Rooms open up a whole world of opportunity. They break barriers and fully immerse you in a game like no other. But more than that, they bring you and your family together as you work to find clues, solve riddles and beat the game. 

Are you ready to unlock your next family adventure? Here’s why playing an Escape Room should be on your radar: 

Quality time 

Life is busy. School, work, friends, and socialising take up a lot of time. But in those moments, how much quality time are you really getting with your loved ones? 

Escape Rooms are the perfect solution to finding a new and exciting way to spend quality time with your family. They are interactive, thrilling and force you to work together to win. 

Whichever game you choose to play, you will have to communicate, use all your problem-solving skills and think creatively. You’ll discover new things about yourself and your loved ones all in the space of 60 minutes. 

No more awkward silences

While we all do our best to have fun family nights at home or out and about, often, they are filled with silence. All of that disappears in an Escape Room. 

Your greatest asset in a game is to say what you see. So if you spot a clue or something unusual, tell your whole team about it. Notice a pattern in your clues or evidence, ask the others what they think. 

You can’t be inactive and silent in a game. You’re all in it together, after all. And with the ultimate goal of escape on all your minds, everyone will be jostling to say their piece and help along the way. 

A unique experience

Escape Rooms are designed to take you out of the ordinary and place you in the heart of an extraordinary and sometimes cautionary tale. As soon as the door closes behind you and the clock starts ticking, you enter a world caught in time. 

Whether you travel back a decade or 100 years, this is an experience like no other. You might have to pull off a heist, escape a jail cell, clear a set-up detective’s name or uncover dark government secrets. And the only way to make your escape? To rely on each team member to find the clues you need to spark a lightbulb moment!

Make lasting memories

Racing against the clock, solving puzzles and discovering each game’s secrets will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotion and dazzling thrills. Now imagine achieving all those things with your family at your side? 

Escape Rooms are where lasting memories are made. Whether you get kitted out and don your best Sherlock outfit or captain’s gear, or just rock up as yourselves, you’re in for an unforgettable hour of fun, adventure, and, you’ve guessed it, escapism! 

Break from the screen

With so many advances in modern-day culture, it’s mindblowing to think that we spend so much of our time with a screen in hand. From sitting in front of a computer or laptop at work or school to getting home and kicking back with your mobile device or tablet, there is always an opportunity in your day to day to switch off in front of a screen. 

Playing an Escape Room is a break from your day to day. With the world moving towards monopolising your time with screens, now’s your chance to do something completely different with your family. 

No more scrolling, liking, tweeting or watching. Now’s your moment to create your own story in one of our games. 

United by a common goal 

All too often, family priorities don’t align. 

Throw yourselves into an Escape Room, and you’ll quickly have to pull together under one common goal. You’ll have to face challenges, overcome obstacles, solve clues and make your escape. But at no point can you do it alone. 

When you succeed together in your united goal is a moment like no other. Despite your different interests and passions, none of that matters in a game, as you all share the same common interest! 

Have fun! 

When it comes to fun, escape rooms are the place to be! You get to play detective, become the hero and even become a swashbuckler for an hour. 

If there are one thing families love to do, it’s having fun. Regardless of how young or old you are, you can release your inner child during one of our games. 

Explore your playful side, get creative and leave behind all your worries at the door. Watch as your whole family invests at this moment, experience the laughs and embrace all the memories you make along the way. 

Don’t forget to get a snap of the whole clan when you’re done, and keep a lasting memento to remind you of the blast you shared together! 

Learn more about eachother

Opening up can be challenging for both parents and children alike. But as soon as you enter an escape room, all of that is thrown out the window. 

If you want to succeed and beat the game, there are a variety of skills you each need to harness. Some you may not even know you have, and others you’ll notice in your family. In short, everyone will have the opportunity for their strengths to shine. 

You might be a creative thinker or a problem-solving tech wizard. Your child might have a keen eye for detail and find hidden clues, while another might be able to draw quick conclusions and pull all the clues together in a heartbeat. 

Throughout the game, you’ll find yourself relating to each team member in ways you never have before. A night well spent if you ask us! 

Adventures are born in escape rooms! What are you waiting for? Book your next family night with us and test your mettle in one of our games.

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