Problem Solving, Team Spirit and Lateral Thinking: What Can Escape Rooms Teach Us?

By 1st November 2019 No Comments

Escape rooms are seeing a boom in the UK and across the world. In the last few years, they have gone from just a handful of escape rooms to hundreds as more and more people discover them.

But aside from being a lot of fun, they also help to teach a range of skills. Here’s a look at a few of the things that escape rooms can help with.

Problem Solving

The most obvious skill that escape rooms help with is that of problem-solving. When you enter an escape room, you will be presented with puzzles to solve. Sometimes you will have clues, sometimes you’ll have to crack them on your own.

You may find codes that you need to break or doors that have to be unlocked, and there are plenty of devious problems that you will have to use all your team’s combined problem-solving skills to solve.

Depending on the room you choose, these can range from fairly easy right up to incredibly difficult, so choose the level that’s right for you and your team and put your brains to the test.


Team Building

Companies are constantly looking for fun team-building experiences, and they have the perfect solution in escape rooms. Escape rooms are designed especially for teams. These are usually small teams of between two and seven people, but they can be for larger teams too.

When you enter an escape room, you will need to work together. Everyone has to help to solve the problems, and being able to work under pressure with a group of people is a fantastic way to build team spirit.

Afterwards, you will all have something to talk about in the workplace for months to come. It can really help to be a bonding experience that gets the team closer and helps when you are all back at work.


Lateral Thinking

Escape room organisers go out of their way to come up with creative, difficult and downright fiendish puzzles to solve. This means you’ll have to use lateral thinking to escape from the room or solve the mystery.

You might have to take a creative or indirect approach to solve a problem, and you’ll have to use a way of thinking that you may not have to apply during a normal day, making it a great way to develop your lateral thinking skills.


Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are important for everyone, and escape rooms are a fantastic way to exercise these skills. You will be given unique problems and tasks, and while they involve mental problem solving, they are also physical so you will use your hands, arms and head to solve them.

This makes them a great way to have fun without the need for screens. With everyone being glued to their phones for so many hours a day, escape rooms provide you with something entirely different.


Physical Exercise

While you won’t have to be in excellent physical shape to enjoy an escape room, you will be on your feet and moving around. You may find that some escape rooms can be quite physically involving. So as well as giving your brain a workout, an escape room gives you a physical workout too.

Enjoy Fantastic Memories

Finally, the most important thing of all that we can get from escape rooms is the fantastic memories they provide. Escape rooms are so different from everyday life that there is no way you will forget the experience in a hurry. You’ll be talking about the fun you had with your family, friends or colleagues for months to come.

And the best thing of all is that there are so many escape room experiences to enjoy. So if you’ve done a classic spy escape room, next time go into outer space or onto a pirate ship and immerse yourself in a completely new adventure.