3 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Make the Ideal Location for Christmas Parties


Work Christmas parties are supposed to be fun for everyone, providing an opportunity for staff to relax, let their hair down and enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, they don’t always turn out this way, and many employees in the UK admit to dispising them.

Whether it’s the awkward small talk, the disappointing gift exchanges or the itchy Christmas jumpers, its clear to see why people feel this way. If this sounds uncomfortably familiar, you’ll be pleased to know that there are now lots of activities suitable for your staff Christmas party. One of them being an escape room!

What better way to get everyone involved and break the ice? Escape rooms can even complement other activities, such as visiting your local afterwards. Continue reading to find out why you should make an escape room a central part of your office party.

Why you should book an escape room for your team party this festive season:

Escape rooms are great for team-building

Many staff Christmas parties discourage participation. One example is taking your team down to the pub. Not before long, you may find everyone merely sitting and staring at their phone to avoid any awkward interactions. Escape rooms get everyone together, encourage communication and enhance listening skills.

Everyone can take part and have fun no matter their age or ability. No matter how many members of staff you employ, you won’t fail to set a good vibe amongst your team who are likely to talk about the experience well into the new year.

Escape Rooms help create lasting experiences and memories

Many office Christmas parties are pretty mundane and predictable, involving the usual cliches of inappropriate use of the photocopier, Mike from accounts passing out blind drunk or Laura from payroll moaning about her failed marriage.

Ditch the predictability and get your team together for a truly memorable experience. Your team will have been working hard all year. So, why not take them to an escape room and allow them to leave the office pressures behind and enjoy themselves.

Escape rooms encourage creativity and competition

There are many other reasons you should book an escape room this year for your annual staff party. Getting your staff together in this environment allows them to be creative and think outside the box while having lots of fun in the process. Not to mention the healthy sense of competition and rivalry as well.

Escape rooms provide the perfect photo opportunity to capture your team and their surroundings. Providing a lasting souvenir of their experience. It also gives you something riveting to post on your social channels which can help your business stand out. Cost per head of an escape room is affordable, so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank.

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