Why Escape Rooms Make The Perfect Gift


Christmas is on its way and many of us are trying to come up with that perfect and unique gift! But most of us struggle with the question: “What would that person want this year?”

Instead of choosing an uninspired, disappointing present, we discovered that an experience is often a great choice. 

Here is a list of reasons why we think an escape room experience is the ultimate fun gift!

Its More Fun Getting Experience, And Great Memories

Awesome memories will last you forever and you can bring them up on soo many parties as well. It is also one of the best ways to connect.

Is there a difficult member of your family or a co-worker who doesn’t fit in the team? Introduce them to this wonderful experience, where they can let down their guard and have some fun.

Great memories can bring your family together and that is something a scented candle can not do.

Its Something You Can Do Together As A Family Or Friends, Rather Than Alone

Nobody likes to be alone. Engage your family in an activity that will take them outside the house. Your friends may also appreciate a new location to hang out with and solve some mysteries in the process. Or in case you feel your team needs a little time out of the office, this is the right place to bring them!

In the end when trying a new thing its always more fun to share it with other people.

Group present

A beautiful present can come in many forms but a social connection is one of the most important. Your family members, friends or co-workers can show off their skill set in and wits in a creative environment full of engagement and surprises. And not to mention that by buying a group present you can cross off lots of people from your list in one go. 

Its great value for money

Group tickets often bring the price down per person which means you can save money for an extra something. We recommend a nice lunch or a drink afterwards, where you can discuss the experience and comment on it while it’s fresh in your heads.

It’s a great excuse to get together

Everyone is too busy with everything unless there is an actual event they are expected to attend. Combined with a meal and chat afterwards, escape rooms are a great opportunity to see everyone you like and engage them in fun activity.

Its something to talk about afterwards

Creating a wonderful experience for family, friends or co-workers can be very useful. It gives you something you have in common, that you all did together and can review or joke about in the future.

Its new, different, shows some thought

The most rewarding gifts are always the ones we’ve thought thoroughly and planned. Your family and co-workers will appreciate all the care and thought that went into their gift. 

We are selling gift vouchers which you can buy in advance and redeem them at a later date when ready to book a date with your loved ones.

We can’t wait to see you all!

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