Answering the FAQs of Escape Rooms: Confidence Boost


While escape rooms are fun and exciting, the idea of tackling them can be daunting for those who may not have the personal confidence in their own abilities to participate easily. This article attempts to alleviate your fears and give you that confidence boost you need to conquer any anxieties and to enjoy your escape experience fully. 

You might find that a lot of FAQs in your search will yield particular companies’ ‘housekeeping’ policies, their rules of conduct, but the questions and answers below are based on the most relevant Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about escape rooms. We offer you the following helpful answers:

What is an “escape room”?

An Escape Room is a mind puzzle, a brain teaser, a pre-planned scenario of clues with a definitive outcome in a ‘locked’ room setting that your team of people will work together to solve. It is a similar concept to the board game Cluedo and the T.V. show The Crystal Maze.

How do you play an escape room?

You book a game that suits your team’s preferences, and you work together to solve the scenario’s puzzle by finding clues hidden in the game room. 

How long does it take to solve an escape room?

Generally, a game is designed to last for 1 hour’s duration. Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking time for any ‘admin’ or ‘gameplan’ instruction.

What should I expect from an escape room experience?

Games offer a mixture of fantasy and realistic stories with visual/tactile clues, that is meant to tax your mental and physical faculties through brainteasers and sensory puzzles within entertainment-themed settings.

Is there a dress code for escape rooms?

There usually is no specific dress code to participate in an escape room, but if there is a standard, it is likely to be to dress comfortably in non-restrictive clothing, like tight dresses/pants and high-heeled shoes.

How many people can play/take part in an escape room challenge?

The number of players you have on your team may be dependent on the specific room’s scenario and is variable. Generally, you might have 4-6 players per team, but you may choose to have 3 or 7 players, for instance. You might even choose to play for a ‘date night’, but the most obvious answer is you must have at least 1-2 players.

For the best experience, ask the company, e.g. Exciting Escapes, for their professional opinion on the room scenario you choose to play. Some vendors may choose to combine your small team with another group if necessary. If you wish to play a game alone, you may need to book the entire room.

Is there an age restriction to be able to participate in an escape room?

It may be dependent on the room scenario content, but there are family-friendly games available at some venues, depending on your choice of vendors. Generally, a child under the age of 12  years may find it difficult to contribute as fully as an adolescent/adult with some of the content in a given scenario, but younger children can contribute to the team and have fun too. Please check with the specific vendor you choose to ask if they have an age requirement/recommendation.

Will the game be scary to play?

Do you want it to be? There should be multiple game story options to choose from, vendor-dependent, of course. Choose one that interests you the most.

Am I really going to be locked into a room until the puzzle is solved, with no way out?

There should always be an exit door available if you should need to escape early from the room. Ask the escape room company what the procedures are in case of emergency/need to leave the game early.

In Closing 

Some best practice guidelines to bear in mind are to wear clothes that are comfortable (leave the stilettos at home), book in advance, find the exact location of the game venue and show up prior to your game’s booking time because the clock will start ticking.

You may bring a water bottle but no other food/beverages may be allowed, and for ease of mind always ask your game’s vendor if you have any specific questions as particulars may vary from game to game. Be prepared with the confidence to play and enjoy your escape room game, because who doesn’t like a fun challenge?

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