Why Escape Rooms Need to Be at the Top of Your ‘Gift List’ for Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day. Its history is difficult to determine with any true resolution, or so say the history books. It also depends on your source of History. Is it ‘pagan’; is it ‘Christian’? What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Although, these are generally not the most important questions to resolve what you are going to do on the day to celebrate, are they?

A time of shy awkwardness, light-heartedness, super-seriousness, or a non-event? Whatever it means for you, February 14th is just around the corner. So what are you going to do? What is on that old ‘gift list’? Now, these are your pressing issues, the crucial questions for that make-it-or-break-it moment at the end of the night when you can ask, ‘Be my Valentine?’

It can be stressful if you are looking for that perfect gift to show someone or the one just how much they mean to you. So if you like to celebrate your loved ones, or the loved one, and you need a fresh, local idea to inspire your romantic side (or non-romantic side), let’s look at your options. Yes, the old classic tokens are always on standby: flowers, teddy-bears, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, negligee, perfume, jewellery, theatre tickets, and a dinner date at some fancy French restaurant, but what about…

An outing, other than a movie, or dinner and a show, that is interactive, fun, dare we say it, exciting!? Escape room. Nothing but an escape room can make you and your date, or family/friends, feel the love you have for each other. Here’s why…

Cutting-edge Entertainment

An escape room provides cutting-edge, relevant entertainment, unlike tired, already-tried alternatives. How? One word: imagination. You can seize the opportunity for cosplay and trying on an alter ego for size. How much fun is that?!

Cuddly Communication

An escape room ensures active communication. If you don’t talk to each other and work together in solidarity as a cohesive unit, you won’t solve the sticky, puzzling mystery.

Smarty-pants Reasoning

Otherwise known as Abductive reasoning. What else would you call the premise of the plausibly true, evaluate the cause and effect, then piece together clues and arguments to inspire an ironclad conclusion? Escape rooms are very clever and can encourage intelligence and growth of new synapses, no matter what kind of reasoning used.

Empirical Discovery

Which leads to the next provision of an escape room: discovery, which some might refer to as being nosy. You can snoop around the room, rifle through the rubbish bin, search for hidden panels and poke around for clever, hidey-holes.

Harmonious Cooperation

Naturally, all of this will be easy if you engage your superpower, cooperation. Add it to your communication and reasoning and voilà! What brings us together in peace and understanding more than a healthy coupling of cooperation and teamwork?

Manifest Destiny

Destiny. What if you really find yourself and your true passion during your great escape? Fancy being a ‘gumshoe’ detective or world-class spy, like a certain Bond fellow? Perhaps you are a crafty, foxy thief, like Carmen Sandy-something? You might even be the saviour of humankind. The possibilities are infinitesimal.

The bottom line

Whatever February 14th means to you, it should look like an exciting escape from the banality of reality. Book an escape room and become your alter ego or your own doppelganger, battle your arch-nemesis in a race against the ticking of the clock, if only for an hour. Or become a superhero on your date, whether you take a date, your friends, family, or all of the above.

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