Best Places To Visit This Easter Break in Hampshire, UK

Easter break, a time for the rejuvenation of the spirit and exploration, arrives with the promise of longer days and the bloom of spring. For those in Hampshire, or those visiting this verdant corner of the UK, Easter isn’t just about chocolate eggs and bunnies; it’s a golden opportunity to explore the tapestry of cultural, historical, and natural attractions that this county has to offer. While Hampshire is brimming with destinations for every interest, we’ve curated a list that encapsulates the variety and richness of experiences available this Easter.

Exciting Escapes Portsmouth

As the daffodils blossom and the days lengthen, Exciting Escapes Portsmouth presents an ideal indoor adventure that meshes perfectly with the spirit of Easter. At our venue, we pride ourselves on crafting experiences that immerse our guests in different eras and puzzles, offering a thrilling escape room experience that is second to none in Hampshire.

The Experience

When visiting us, guests are transported into meticulously designed settings, from espionage missions in war-torn countries to solving a murder mystery in the swinging sixties. Our escape rooms are not just about puzzles; they encapsulate storytelling, teamwork, and the rush of beating the clock, making it an ideal outing for families, friends, or team-building events this Easter.

Why Choose Exciting Escapes Portsmouth?

  • Themed Rooms: Each room is a doorway to a different time and place, offering varied experiences to cater to all interests.
  • Family-Friendly: We offer challenges that engage both young and older members, making it a perfect family outing.
  • Location: Centrally located, you can combine your visit with other Easter activities in Portsmouth.

Marwell Zoo

Immersive Animal Encounters

Marwell Zoo provides a window into the world of exotic and endangered species. Nestled in the Hampshire countryside, this 140-acre park is home to over 1,200 animals. Easter is a fantastic time to visit, with the zoo coming alive with the sounds and sights of spring.

Seasonal Events

Easter at Marwell Zoo is packed with special events. From egg hunts to animal-themed Easter challenges, the zoo goes all out to ensure a memorable experience for its visitors.

The Watercress Line

A Journey Through Time

Embark on a nostalgic journey aboard The Watercress Line, Hampshire’s heritage steam railway. The railway offers a glorious trip through ten miles of beautiful countryside, connecting Alresford and Alton.

Easter Specials

During the Easter break, the railway often features themed rides, including visits from the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunts at station stops.

Winchester Cathedral

Architectural Marvel

Winchester Cathedral is a cornerstone of Hampshire’s historical and architectural heritage. Its soaring gothic architecture and centuries of history make it a must-visit.

Easter Services

Easter is a particularly special time to visit, with the cathedral hosting a range of services, from solemn Good Friday commemorations to joyous Easter Sunday celebrations.

The New Forest

Natural Beauty

The New Forest offers an escape into nature. With ancient woodlands, heather-strewn heaths, and free-roaming ponies, it epitomises the beauty of the English countryside.

Easter Activities

Easter is an excellent time for cycling or walking tours. Look out for themed trails and nature-focused Easter events aimed at families.

Beaulieu, National Motor Museum

Celebration of Motoring

Home to a world-renowned collection of over 250 vehicles, Beaulieu offers an intriguing journey through the history of motoring.

Easter at Beaulieu

Expect the museum to put on Easter-themed activities, including treasure hunts amongst the cars and special exhibitions.

Jane Austen’s House Museum

Literary Pilgrimage

A visit to Jane Austen’s House in Chawton presents an intimate glimpse into the life of the famed author. The house, where she penned some of her most celebrated works, is a pilgrimage site for literature enthusiasts.

Easter Traditions

During Easter, the museum often features Regency-era Easter traditions, including workshops, readings, and themed activities that transport visitors back to the times of Jane Austen.

The bottom line

Hampshire, with its rich mosaic of attractions, provides a backdrop for an unforgettable Easter break. From the thrilling adventures at Exciting Escapes Portsmouth to the tranquil beauty of the New Forest, there’s something to captivate every interest. 

This Easter, we invite you to explore the history, natural wonders, and unique experiences that make Hampshire a treasure trove of discoveries. Whether seeking adventure, tranquillity, or a peek into the past, Hampshire’s offerings this Easter are an invitation to create lasting memories.