How the skills you can pick up in an escape room can apply to work-life?

You might not believe it at first but you can pick up and develop some very important skills during the right kind of mental and physical activities. If you are in an environment that can fuse learning, teamwork and fun all together into one experience then you are in an ideal situation for personal development. The only question now is, what type of experience can offer all of these things to help you with personal growth and development but in a fun way? An Exciting Escape Room of course! 

The skills you can enhance during an afternoon participating in one of our games are mind-blowing. What’s more, the best part of it all is that the skills you can develop can be highly beneficial for both home and work life! There are several skills that you can pick up during an Escape Room visit that can help you navigate through both your workload and workplace very differently; in the best possible way.

Our games encourage team working, communication, and creative thinking as well as being very thought-provoking just to list a handful of the skills you can develop during your stay. Not quite sure how these skills can help you in real life? No worries, as today’s blog post, is here to show you how the skills you can pick up, during your escape game, can apply to your work life.

Hands-on experience working in a team

If working in a group is so important at work then why would you not want to get some more hands-on experience working with others to see if there is anything you could do with improving? Teamwork is a gateway skill to developing both your communication as well as risk assessment abilities; all of these skills can be linked. An Exciting Escape room, on the surface, may not appear to be a place where these skills can be encouraged but they certainly can be! An escape room requires a group of people to work together by listening to each other, commuting clearly and being able to delegate fairly. These skills mirror those that you can be expected to develop whilst at work; an escape room can help you practice and work on your communication as well as delegation and decision-making for a team.

Creative thinking can positively impact your work performance

If you can find yourself in a situation or activity that can allow you to think more out-of-the-box then you will be instinctively encouraging yourself to think more creatively when faced with a dilemma or objective. Sometimes the best results can be made when our thinking towards them is shifted as our approach is also different. This could lead to a new understanding of a task as well as allow you to find a new or alternative way to get a take or job done. How does that relate to work life? 

Well, being encouraged to think creatively and therefore act on that can surely help you navigate a task or objective at work in a new way. For instance, inside an escape room, you will be encouraged to think unlike how you might usually approach a task. We don’t want to give too much away but if you are given a clue to solve, inside one of our games, then it might be just a diversion or have a much deeper meaner than it first appears. Everything can be interpreted in more ways than one! 

Therefore that same logic can also be congruent within a workplace. You might be given a work-related task that requires you to approach it a little differently based on several constraints (like time management, other colleagues’ input or delegation). Being able to get hands-on experience and practice, from an escape room,  can help you think of those out-of-the-box approaches to get your work done. Practice can be the number one way to improve performance after all! An Escape experience is a perfect place to put all of that into practice and we know many employers also think the same way… 

Exciting Escapes already host Corporate workshops!

Employers and business owners have already been able to put the dots together to recognise just how helpful our unique activities can be for personal development and therefore the direct correlation to work performance. If an employer can encourage their team to work together in a fun and unique setting, that is not too strict or controlling then this can help tier workforce become a stronger team at work. The hands-on group experience you can gain from an escape room is a transferable skill for the workplace for all the obvious reasons; building stronger work relationships through real practice can bring an entire team together.

The more effectively a team can work with one another the chances of higher productivity and better communication become greater! Plus think how impressed your employers could be if they found out that in your spare time you actively practice and build on your team working, communication and creative thinking skills; all to improve your performance at work! 

Now you know just how beneficial an escape room can be for both fun and development! As we previously said, many employers and companies have already recognised how our Espace venue can be used for corporate-related team workshops and activities. Today’s posts include just a number of the reasons why this can be achieved! Convinced yet? If so then you might want to get your booking in soon as who knows the skills you develop during your visit with us may just help you at work too! 

Ready for your team workshop or maybe you think a group of your friends could also benefit from an escape experience; due to the skills that could help enhance your work-life. If you are, then you can either book online or give your local Exciting Escape location a call. We have a wide range of games available but book with plenty of time in advance to avoid limited availability!