Escape Room Hacks – Secrets Behind Closed Doors


The door is locked, the weapon’s still loaded, but there’s no sign of forced entry. A struggle has been had, but there is nothing but the fallen chair and lit up desk to tell you that anyone had been here recently. 

All you have is a torch, a locked briefcase and a room full of retro 1940s memorabilia. 

You notice a hinge hidden in the door behind the desk, but there’s no obvious way in. As you look around and take in the room, you notice a bookshelf. There are additional numbers on each of the volumes – the set is incomplete. Then, you spot it. 

A framed detective. An unsolved case. Can you solve it in time? 

Find the lock

Conventional yet fun, Escape Rooms love a lock! 

Whether you have to unlock a mechanism with a code, find an instrument or tool, or a traditional key, there will always be something waiting for you to unopen. 

Locating any openable device, door or hidden passageway is all part to your Escape Room success. So, take your time to look around. Figure out what you need to open something – is it a code that unlocks a hidden compartment? Is there an unobvious drawer under a desk? 

Whatever you do, use your time wisely. 

Everything has a solution

Trying to unlock anything without finding the clue first is going to waste precious time, and possibly cost you the game itself. 

Secrets are there to be discovered after all, so take your time to find them. 

Scan the room – what do you notice? Take it all in and see the patterns, the dates, the lit-up paper on the desk. Nothing is accidental, so work with purpose. 

Hidden messages can be concealed in a dark corner of the room! Or, a key could be in a jacket pocket on the chair. So use the tools you have been given. Everything you need is right there in the room. 

You just need to put it all together and then narrow down the most obvious answer. 

Listen carefully

Ever taken a journey where you’ve got lost, and it’s all because you didn’t take the time to listen to directions or ask which way to go? Is that you? 

Listening is essential in an Escape Room. It brings you closer to your team, it makes the game more fun, and it reveals hidden secrets. It can also open doors. 

Firstly, your Games Master will outline the dos and don’ts of your game. Like, don’t force anything. If an object doesn’t want to move, it’s for a good reason. They will also give you a brief summary of the story you are about to enter. 

Then, there’s the room itself. What can you hear? Is the music telling you something? Are there hushed voices or whispers? What are they saying?

What did you say? Oh, that’s right! You are not in this alone. Listen to your teammates. They might notice something you don’t or provide you with the winning lightbulb moment! 

A door springs open

Surprise! The hinges you noticed hidden in the wall do lead somewhere after all. 

As soon as that door opens, you will notice a whole lot more, and things might even start to make sense. Again, take your time to look around. 

Touch the objects, flip them over. Morse code might be your next hurdle, so find the instructions to help you decipher the code. Or, there might be a box that needs opening with another key or code. 

Don’t ever forget the mystery you are trying to solve

Remember the run down your Games Master gave you right at the beginning? No, talk it through with your team. What have you found already? Have you got the required set of clues to solve the room yet?

Generally speaking, you will have a required amount of clues to find before you can physically escape the room. You may have to put them in the correct order first and then lined up in a specific place. 

Then, there’s the big piece of evidence. Never forget that! Usually, the most challenging object to find in the room, your last part of the puzzle will be your greatest victory or your biggest defeat. 

The devil is always in the detail, so pay attention and keep calm.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets? Taking part in an Escape Room is one of the most fun experiences you can have. Mysteries to solve and clues to find, where will your next adventure be?

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