Exciting Escapes! – a blog post by Sarah Vear (Enjoy Hampshire)

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Mission accomplished!


Locked up with colleagues!

Granted, at first thought, spending an hour locked in a room with your colleagues may not sound like a good time, and wouldn’t normally be our idea of fun. Exciting Escapes has changed our minds!


You may have heard about, or visited, escape rooms in the past, the general concept is to solve puzzles within a given time period to ‘escape’ the room. Exciting Escapes is so much more than this. From the moment we stepped through the door, we were immersed in the 1950’s, recruited as civilian spies to help save the country! Their unique ability to set the scene, engage you in the experience, and inject a good dose of excitement will make sure even your most sceptical team member will crack a smile.

Team build race

We won’t give away any plot points, but we can say that the story is totally absorbing. We split into two teams and went head to head in the two identical rooms in a bid to beat each other to the finish line. It was a fantastic way to refocus a team of work colleagues on what our individual strengths are, and think about how we could function in the business setting. From start to finish, the whole experience was well put together, full of humour, and most importantly fun!

The owners

Exciting Escapes was started in 2016 by brothers David and Peter, who are the heart and soul of the business. Every interaction with them with them is packed with passion, which gives important personality to the session. Nearly 9,000 people have now played a mission at Exciting Escapes. From corporate team building to school outings, Date nights to Hen and Stag Parties, and ages from 8 to 80. With venues in Southampton and Basingstoke, we can thoroughly recommend you give Exciting Escapes a try, you won’t regret it!