How to have more fun with friends and family – escape rooms – the perfect group experience!

Fun wth friends and family

Fun with friends and family

If I may I will start with a question – what sort of things do you do to have fun with friends and family? When I was thinking about this blog post I asked myself this same question and I came up with the following list of things that I like to do;

  • Eating in or out e.g. restaurant, picnic
  • Drinking
  • Cinema
  • Party
  • Sports
  • Paint balling
  • Attractions e.g. Theme park, Museum, Zoo
  • Go-karting

How did you feel?

Now I would like you to actually stop and think about the last time that you really had fun as a group of friends and family? To help you answer that I came up with this 2nd list, so when, as a group, did you last?…

  1. Laugh out loud
  2. Feel genuinely immersed in something (away from a screen!)
  3. Achieve something together
  4. Feel like you had been tested both physically and mentally
  5. Work well together as a team to overcome something
  6. Genuinely connect with each other
  7. Take on a bit of a role and enjoy the theatre of it all
  8. Feel your heart beat faster as the activity neared the end
  9. Scream with excitement!
  10. Feel like you want to do it all again!
  11. Get to dress up like children!
  12. Leave a 5-star review on TripAdvisor because it was so good you want to tell everyone else about it!

What about you?

So my final question (I promise!) is when you think about everything that you currently do for fun as a group, how many feelings did you have from the 2nd list?

About us

My brother and I have been running a UK Escape Room business for almost 9 months now. We have had over 1,600 teams play our rooms in that time and so we have taken a LOT of feedback! I would estimate that 80% of all the teams were groups of friends and families (the other 20% were work colleagues on corporate team building days).

All of our adventures have a camera and microphone installed in every room. Consequently, we see EVERYTHING that they the teams do on CCTV and hear EVERYTHING that the teams say in the rooms (it is tremendous fun just to watch them!). We get to see and hear the laughs, the screams, the fun and the excitement of every single group.

Escape rooms are a tremendous, alternative fun group activity for friends and family.

But please don’t just take my word for it. We have had close to 1,000 online reviews on TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook, 98% of which are 5 stars!

If YOU want to have more fun with your friends and family, why not get in touch?

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