Free From Lockdown, Now Make Your Escape!


The end is finally in sight. No more rainy days to keep you housebound. No more staring blankly at the wall as you zone out from your last Zoom call. And no more separation from your family and friends. UK life is finally looking a bit brighter and far more normal. 

For many of us, the weight of lockdown has taken its toll. Everyone from small business owners to corporate employees, front-line workers, and those working from their living room. All had to adapt to the harsh effects of the pandemic. 

The time has come to brush the dust off your feet and get excited about life again. Now that you are free from lockdown, it’s time to make your escape!

A unique experience

Groundhog Day. A great film that sees Bill Murray repeat the same day, over and over again. No matter what he changes, he wakes up each morning to face the exact setup as the day before. Sounds familiar? It certainly resonated with me this past lockdown!

Escape Rooms are a place of joy. They are an enriching, unique experience that you won’t forget any time soon. From the moment you meet your game master to the thrill of the chase you find while solving a myriad of puzzles and clues, there is so much to like. 

What’s more, the whole family can get involved. Whether you want to inject some life back into the weekend or avoid a rainy day, you’ll leave an Escape Room with memories that will last forever. 

Forget dinner and a film. Throw yourself into an interactive, adrenaline-pumping, and enjoyable game instead. Whether you pull off a train robbery or unmask a villainous king, you won’t find an experience like an Escape Room anywhere else! 

Bonding time

Covid has crippled economies, people have lost their jobs, and for some of us, we’ve forgotten how to socialise with our loved ones, colleagues, and friends. The bonds of friendship have been severed or certainly chipped away, and finding a way to rekindle relationships has become a necessity. 

The basic premise of an Escape Room is to have fun. You have to speak to each other to have any success at unlocking the game; you need to be able to listen and keep your eye on the ball. In essence, you are in it together regardless of your circumstances, skill set, or confidence. 

Escape Rooms have this uncanny ability to bring people together. It encourages players to realise their potential and discover skills that have otherwise been forgotten or never realised. You are also working towards an endgame together. From feeling time pressures to cracking the case, you and your team will be bonded like no other once you leave the game. It’s priceless!

Great first date

Finally, you can meet people face to face. Considering you’ve managed to score a first date with the person you have mostly come to know via a screen or with limited time together, finding an extraordinary first date won’t only score you brownie points, but it will be a memorable experience. 

Small, awkward talk is left at the door, and whatever confidence issues you were facing before meeting each other are long gone. 

Communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills are all part of your Escape Room solving toolkit. Together, you will learn how you both tick, how well you bounce off of each other’s ideas, and what makes you happy. 

After a keepsake photo opportunity, once you’ve exited the game, think of all the conversation starters you have now! It’s amazing what a 60-minute problem-solving session can do!

Boost your memory

It’s surprising how much of your memory is affected by stressful, trying times. Although stress in itself is a broad concept, as we all face different levels throughout our lifespans, COVID has undeniably had a significant impact over the past year for most. 

Challenging your mind with puzzles can be a great way to sharpen your mind and boost the retention and recall functions in your brain. What’s more, this is especially true when you interact with symbols, codes, and languages. From spatial thinking to language and reasoning, your cognitive thinking responds to different problem-solving events. 

Escape Rooms take this to a whole other level due to their interactive nature. You are relating real-life scenarios to your problem-solving, which really puts your brainpower to the test! Then, when you are reunited with the outside world, you can begin to think differently about the different scenarios and situations you face in daily life. 

Ready to make your escape? Now that you are free from the constraints of lockdown sharing rich, unique experiences with your loved ones have never been more essential.

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