A Family Affair: Why Escape Rooms Are The Perfect Family Activity?

Swashbucklers, thrill-seekers and investigators in the making rejoice! An Escape Room adventure is just what the doctor ordered.

Taking your family experience to a whole other level, you can all stretch your imaginations while donning a thinking cap. From unlocking a secure vault to unearthing lost secrets, there is something for the whole family to get excited about.

Unlike your average weekend past time, an Escape Room is a unique experience that will create lasting memories. 

Not convinced? Here’s why we think Escape Rooms are the perfect family activity:

Pure escapism

Who doesn’t enjoy a good story? Whether you’re recovering a long lost artefact, breaking out of jail or escaping from a space ship, Escape Room’s offer a one of a kind experience like no other. 

Some of the world’s most epic stories are told in an Escape Room

What’s more, nothing is ever going to jump out at you or put you into an unsafe situation. Instead, you and the whole family can enjoy a thrilling mission that brings you all together in a shared experience. From unlocking hidden rooms to learning how to read morse code, there’s a lot to like!

You have to work together

Taking on an Escape Room is not a solo affair. The whole family will have to band together and work effectively to beat the game. Everyone can participate, from the youngest minds to the champion game’s master! 

Any family tiffs or quarrels are left at the door, and the fun really begins. With sixty minutes on the clock, not a single screen to distract you away from the game, the pressure is on. 

Together you need to scan the room for clues, look under every nook and cranny and solve puzzles. With no stone left unturned, your A-team has to come together as one to beat the clock. A perfect rainy day activity if you ask me!

Learn valuable life skills along the way

As parents, one of your many goals is to teach your children valuable life skills. It just so happens that an Escape Room is a perfect training ground to sharpen those skills! 

Problem-solving is at the heart of how a game works. From exposing your children to tricky mathematical or logical puzzles to challenging their literary knowledge, an Escape Room will push the whole family out of their comfort zone. 

When it comes to discovering clues or figuring out how an element of the game works, you will need to talk to eachother work it out. With each new artefact, riddle or puzzle, you need to speak up. Any trivial thought might be your ticket to winning the game. So encourage your children to be bold and confident with their interrogation of the room. 

Sharpens spatial awareness

Escape Rooms have this incredible ability at making you hyper-aware of your surroundings. It probably has something to do with the fact that nothing is accidental in a game. Everything is potentially full of meaning.

While playing an Escape Room, your levels of spatial awareness are naturally heightened. The game’s goal is to seek out clues, crack the case and work together to beat the clock. As a result, players are more likely to search with intensity and check the whole area with care. 

Escape Rooms elevate your curiosity and out your observational skills to the test. Take that experience back into the real world, and your children will thank you for it later! 


Generally speaking, Escape Rooms are linear, meaning you can’t move on to the next stage until you have solved the task at hand. Although you can collect clues as puzzles are being solved, there does come the point when the whole team needs to focus together. 

Your ability to concentrate on solving complex puzzles is essential for beating the game, which is a valuable skill in itself. 

A bonding experience

Not your average day out, an Escape Room is a unique bonding experience for the whole family. It makes you have to work together as a team, leave your grievances at the door and find your voice. 

Everything from core maths and English skills is put to the test, and you can guarantee that the memories you will share together will far outweigh your typical walk to the park!

Some family experiences are worth there weight in gold. Unlike your typical Saturday morning or summer holiday outing, an Escape Room will leave a lasting memory for the whole family to enjoy. Are you in? 

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