Getting Married? How to Plan Your Hen or Stag Escape Room Fun

Weddings definitely look a bit different this year. What with a worldwide pandemic and a whole host of lockdown restrictions getting in the way, many of you may have rescheduled your day more than once already. Fortunately, we’re here to bring a bit of joy back into your lives!

Planning your hen or stag do is a right of passage. For most of you, it’s the final hurrah before you tie the knot. A night out with your gals or lads that will go down in history. It needs to be epic, memorable, and above all else, unique. 

What better way to celebrate your final bachelor(ette) days than by making your escape! Here’s why you should plan yours today:

Bring the band together

Reminiscing about the good old days over a pint, bringing out your best moves at the club, or having a meal out is one thing, but don’t you think that’s a bit, well, boring? 

One of the best things about having a hen or stag do is that you get to bring your nearest and dearest together all under one roof. Whether they are making an all-around the globe trip to be involved in all the festivities, or they’re your best mate from next door, the buzz around a wedding is like nothing else. 

Some of your wedding party may have seen you at your best and some at your worst, but have they seen you under pressure? Have you come together like a band of brothers to claim victory? Or even spoken to each other without a phone firmly in your hand? 

An escape room lets you do all of those things and more. It allows you to leave all of the outside world’s distractions at the door and (re)discover all the things you love about your friends and family. You’ll likely find out some hidden traits that you never knew were there too, and feel closer at the end of the game than when you first stepped through the door. Not bad for a sixty-minute game!

An experience you won’t forget

Escape rooms didn’t become a worldwide phenomenon for no reason. First off, they offer an incredibly unique experience jampacked with adrenaline-fuelled fun, adventure, and mystery. 

Each game has a thrilling backstory that comes to life through authentic props, clues, and puzzles to keep you on your toes. Challenging and rewarding, no minute is wasted in an escape room game. 

Whether you have a mathematical mind, like to play detective, love a good story, or simply enjoy being with your mates, escape rooms tap into something profoundly unique from each individual that plays. 

Transported to another world

Immersive, exciting, and often incredibly realistic, the best escape rooms around will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to another world. 

To enhance your experience further, you can come decked out in all your finery, navy apparel, and even a flapper dress to get fully stuck in. The best rooms around will also have their own treasure trove of costumes for you to try on for size too. Just think of all the Insta and Tik Tok opportunities right there! 

Whether you want to take on a 1920s illicit gambling ring that cost the lives of three agents, uncover a dastardly assassination plot or enter a creepy secret government research facility, this is going to be a night to remember. 

No room for small talk

One of the best things about throwing your hen or stag do at an escape room is that there is no room for awkward conversation. Small talk is left at the door, and all you have to think about is solving the case together. 

So for any of you that struggle to speak to people you haven’t seen for a while or have just met for the first time, you’re about to get to know each other on a whole other level! 

The only way to string together all of the various clues and puzzles in front of you is to talk out loud. It really is a say what you see kind of deal, and talking it through with your teammates is your recipe for success. Communicating and listening well become a necessity. Better than awkward bants down at the pub, aye?

It doesn’t cost the earth

Traditional hen and stag parties usually come with a few basic ingredients:

  • A bunch of games that no one really finds that amusing, especially the stag/hen
  • More than a keg’s worth of booze that usually ends in said games
  • Being dressed up like you are literally wearing a traffic cone on your head – some of you might well be!

And…a massive dent in your bank account that makes your spouse be either turn into the hulk when you see them next, or it remains unsaid, and you become a bit guilty whenever you’re reminded of all the “crazy” things that went on. Except. You can barely remember anything from your final hurrah, and the rest is a quagmire of nightmarish reminders from your friends and more. 

There’s nothing worse than planning an incredible hen/stag party, and it all ending in mediocrity, despair, and, dare we say it, regret. So why set yourselves up for failure? 

Escape rooms are the perfect group activity for one. They do not cost the earth, and you are unlikely to forget anything from your time in the game. Do you want to know why? Because when the door closes, the timer is set, and your mind is moving at a hundred miles per hour, there is one ultimate goal: to win and have fun doing it!

Are you ready to take your hen or stag do up to the next level? If you’re looking for a one of a kind experience that leaves small talk at the door and is really about having fun with your friends, book in your next escape. You won’t regret it!