How Safe Are Escape Rooms?

How Safe Are Escape Rooms?

Escape Rooms offer a unique dimension of gaming that you certainly won’t find anywhere else. Fully immersive, challenging and incredibly social, first time players may be wondering what on earth goes on behind closed doors. 

With more and more games springing up in a town near you, the Escape Room experience is more accessible than ever. Whether you’re pulling off the most impressive bank robbery, escaping a prison cell or running away from a zombie hoard. It’s always important to remember that the future of the world isn’t really at stake!

Designed to offer you the most memorable adventure of your lives, safety always plays a part in this adrenaline-packed game. So, how safe are Escape Rooms? Let’s have a look:

In light of COVID-19

Today, you can’t go far without seeing the ramifications of the coronavirus wave. After months and months of safety protocols, lockdowns and other measures in place, businesses have perhaps taken the biggest hit. 

Fortunately, at Exciting Escapes and others like us in the industry, you will find strict cleaning policies in place, extended periods between games and team only bookings to keep you as safe as possible while you play. 

While face masks are no longer obligatory, they are still encouraged to give everyone peace of mind. Combined with limited interaction with staff members and uncomplicated rebooking, getting your fill of the best games in town is still possible. Phew!

Are you really locked in?

Typically, you can expect a series of tasks, puzzles and clues for you to uncover and solve during your time in a game. As soon as you leave your Games Master and belongings stashed away under lock and key at the reception, you are “locked-in” within your game’s room. Upon cracking the final clue, the lock will open, and you are welcomed back into the real world. 

Want to know a secret? You’re not actually locked in! 

Whatever Escape Room you find yourself in, there is always an opportunity to leave, regardless of your reason. Whether you need a quick toilet break, a time out or want to bring your session to an end, you’re free to leave. 

Although you can’t simply walk out, your assigned Games Master is always on hand to open the door or offer you a hint or clue to get you back on track. 

If you choose to leave the room, remember that you may not be allowed to re-enter the room until the session is over. Every minute is precious in any game. Minimising interruptions and any potential Googling is paramount to the rest of your team’s success. 

Adhere to your Games Master’s rules

Before you enter any game, your Games Master will run through a series of “do’s” and “dont’s” during your stay. These generally include:

  • A brief of your chosen game – pay close attention to this, as they may be telling you more than you realise
  • What to expect while you’re inside
  • How to get hold of the Games Master during gameplay – think retro telephone, radio or Big Brother-style room!

Top tip: If an object or prop doesn’t move or open easily, it’s not supposed to! Either it’s just there to add to the authenticity of the room, or it opens after you have unlocked it via a puzzle. 

Dress with comfort in mind

Escape Rooms are physical. You may find yourself crawling around the floor, peeking under tables, climbing through passageways, and that’s all before you have a rummage through all the bookshelves and drawers! 

Don’t dress to impress, but aim to wear attire that allows you to move freely and without restraint. While we don’t recommend wearing high heels, super tight Tees or trousers, we’re open to you fully embracing the era. So if you want to be a 1920s detective, go undercover in the 1960s or become the pirate you always dreamed of being, as long as you can move in it, the more unstoppable you’ll be!

Taking care of your personal belongings

The quirks of an Escape Room don’t start and end within your chosen game. Typically, as soon as you walk into the reception, you’ll already feel as though you have been transported into a bygone era gone by. 

Although most of the high-concept design is saved for your game, you will find some fun, authentic props that act as safe places for your personal belongings to be left in. What’s more, you get to keep the key with you throughout your game.

Some of our favourite locker spaces include:

  • A pirate’s chest
  • A Titanic inspired lock safe
  • A 1920s school desk
  • An apothecary’s set of drawers
  • An industrial locker

Mobile phones are a big no-no when it comes to an Escape Room experience. Not only are they potentially distracting and offer a tempting way to cheat in-game, but they take away from the atmosphere. So make sure you leave your phone in the locker space provided to avoid any unnecessary distractions. 

Darkness is a special effect

Dim lighting and special effects add to the overall dramatic atmosphere. Some games will take it a step further and leave you completely in the dark, but not without a means to see. No one likes to be left in complete darkness; even Games Masters know this! 

Darkness is often used to conceal secret messages or hidden areas that need to be found, so make sure you lookout for a torch, blacklight or even find the lightswitch to help you see! Be careful as you move around, and keep up the communication with your teammates to avoid stomping on toes!

Don’t touch electrical sockets!

Seriously, if you see an electrical socket, don’t jam your fingers or any metal implements inside. Just don’t do it!

No Escape Room ever has used an electrical socket to hide a clue. Unless your game happens to be about electricity, and the socket is clearly a fake, don’t touch it!

They say safety always comes first, and Escape Rooms are no exception! With some of the most intuitive, innovative and quirky designs around, your safety is all part of the fun. So put your fears to bed, and get ready to take on your next adventure!

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