How to add some fun to your Christmas bank holiday.

It’s the time of year that allows you to reflect on those most important to you. Why not spend your time creating new and exciting memories altogether? It doesn’t just have to be with your immediate family. You can choose to spend your Christmas celebration with all of your friends or work colleagues. You might even want to invite over your distant family members for one big reunion! So long as you are spreading the message of love and positivity. Because that is what Christmas is truly all about. 

Here’s how you could add some fun to your upcoming Christmas Bank holiday. 

A bank holiday like no other!

You can be sure that an afternoon spend solving puzzles, finding clues and hunting for keys all mixed with the festive vibes is bound to make your bank holiday like no other! It’s not your typical weekday, therefore you should try doing something different. Our exciting experiences are going to test you. Don’t think it’ll be a breeze. They are not meant to be easy. They will test your creativity, logical thinking and above all else, your team working ability. So make sure you bring people with who you can communicate well. Otherwise, you might be contributing to the difficulty of your escape.

In return, we can ensure that your exciting experience will certainly be one that your entire party will remember. The perfect mix of teamwork and fun! Sounds like a winning combination to us. The only way you’ll be able to find is it to get a booking now. We would hate for you to miss out on the chance to have a last-minute festive-themed escape. What’s more, if you would like to turn a short visit into a fully-fledged post-Christmas party then that can also be arranged. 

Turn your visit into a post-Christmas party

Now we might all love a pre-Christmas party, to get us into the festive spirit. But what about when Christmas day is gone yet still very much fresh in our minds? Did it all come and go too quickly? Well, don’t let the Christmas blues get you down. You can still enjoy some post-festive cheer during the Christmas bank holiday. You can book your family and friends onto a short 90-minute game experience. Or you could push the boat out entirely and arrange a post-Christmas party. This is a great idea for larger groups of people who might have wanted to spend their Christmas at home together, but still wanted a chance to be able to all come together to enjoy the festivities together.

Who’s to say you cannot book a bank holiday party just days after Christmas? There are no rules to say that you have to stop celebrating and bury your festive spirit as soon as Christmas day is over! If you want to book a post-Christmas bash then go for it. Here at Exciting Escapes, we can help make it as special and festive as you like. We have several options on offer to help you get your party into the festive spirit even when Christmas is over…

Private Venue Hire

You might not have been able to get all your family or friends together before the big day so a post-Christmas party is your way of bringing all your loved ones together for a final bit of festive fun before the new year rolls in. The perfect way to host a post-Christmas party, with us, is to hire out our venue for a couple of hours and get all your loved ones excited for some escape adventures. You get to choose your game experience which includes the option to book our dual games where two teams can go head to head for a little friendly competition.

Alternatively, if you are looking to avoid any post-Christmas drama then we can help you arrange several games that allow people to play and others to observe all at once; so everyone gets a chance to have a thrilling experience. Plus, who wants to cook after that Christmas dinner marathon? You can add some nibbles and drinks to your visit through our additional catering services.

Be sure to get a booking quickly! 

We have some great games still available for you to book over the Christmas Bank Holiday when we return from our mini-Christmas closure; experiences resume on Tuesday 27th December! But you’ll have to get a booking quickly as spaces are limited across all four of our locations. If you are looking for some late-minute plans over the bank holiday then it might we worth giving your preferred Exciting location a call, and they will be able to assist you with your booking further. Our team might even be able to find you a last-minute cancellation! So get booking soon for your exciting post-Christmas experience by checking our availability online or by giving us a call.  

As we have previously said, our games have very limited spaces left to be quick give us a call if you are interested in a custom booking. For instance a post-Christmas party or if you would like to book our venue for hire. Call today to avoid disappointment! If you are unable to get a bank holiday booking then no worries we might be able to help you book a New Year experience instead!