Last-minute Christmas party idea for the whole office

Both traditional and slightly unconventional Christmas party venues are all booking up fast if not filled up already. What are you waiting for? Are you in charge of planning your office Christmas party this year? And you’ve still not made any plans yet? Wow! We can only assume that the ‘traditional’ room-hire inside a hall sounds a little stale and boring. Therefore, to help shake up your plans and inspire you to get something fun and exciting booked up, we are here to help.

Last-minute plans? Not a problem we have room!

Whilst we do not advise or encourage you to be booking the annual office Christmas party much later than right now, we can appreciate that sometimes the reasons for last-minute plans can be unavoidable. The longer you wait to make any definitive plans or get something booked, the fewer options you have! However, we do have some excellent news! We have a wide range of times, games and dates available across all four of our exciting locations.

We do advise you to get on the phone and give us a ring if you are going to be cutting it fine with your plans. Our availability can change very quickly, where an entire week’s worth of games can just get booked up in a blink of an eye. That is why we advise you to give us a ring or secure your team booking online right away. Mainly to ensure you have full reign on what game(s) you would like to book your office party onto. As well as your preferred time and date to suit everyone happily. 

Team games are available for some healthy competition! 

We have a wide range of exciting games across all four of our locations, which includes team games and competitions. If your intended party size is over 8-10 people then you can split your team up into smaller groups. Spread yourselves over two duplicate games. This way every one can either participate or spectate to ensure no one from the office is sitting alone waiting for their turn. If you are all feeling the festive competitiveness then why not try our competition-friendly games to see which smaller group can escape our exciting game first?

You could pre-arrange Christmas gifts, ahead of your visit, to give out to the winning teams. A great idea to keep up with the festive spirit as well as team-working and socialising. You could even bring your secret Santa gifts along with you on your visit. Especially, if you’d like the entire office to have a festive treat as well as a good laugh. You can enjoy being in a happy and joyful environment altogether. We allow you to be in control of how you choose to incorporate more festive-themed frills into your visit. And that can be as little or over the top as you like. We are not opposed to you all dressing up as elves for a bit of extra festive fun!  Plus, it’s not just dressing up we love!

We have all the trimmings available here…

Not only do have an arrangement of exciting and thrilling games that your entire office party can all happily enjoy together. But we also pride ourselves on all the additional extras that we have on offer to ensure your visit is both memorable and special! We have our very own Christmas-themed events. These come with the option to add on food and drinks at an additional cost. Alternatively, you can call to enquire about full venue hire. Here you can order your food or have a quick visit with us before your office dinner plans later in the evening. Plus it’s not just catering and group games we have on offer. We go the extra mile to ensure your special time with us, this Christmas is both special and memorable. We also give you the option to have a group photo during your visit. So that everyone can look back on the last-minute festive plans fondly. Sometimes, being spontaneous does pay off, especially when everyone is smiling and having fun! 

The more the merrier!

Here at Exciting Escapes, we love it when we see big groups. Teams and even work friends all walk through our doors. We were born to host and that’s why we make sure that all of our venues can cater to larger groups of up to 60 people. For our exclusive Christmas party games, you can bring along up to 45 people to your booking. More information can be found online under our Christmas tab! We do recommend that larger bookings which may require or want to request to hire our venue give us a ring before booking. This ensures we can accommodate your request on your chosen date and times. Once your booking has been made, all you need to do then is bring your office colleagues. And have tons of fun! You can customise your visit to fit your needs. It’s entirely up to you how you decide to incorporate us into your festive plans. All we ask is that you give yourself and your office party enough time to get something booked! 

Get your office party booking secured today to avoid disappointment or limited options. If you are interested in full venue hire, then you can find our contact information for each of our four exciting locations. For more information on team games, catering and capacity, you can download our brochure. Or give us a call if you have any special requests or booking queries.