What If I Don’t Escape?

What if I don't escape?

Sixty minutes can feel like a long time. Suddenly, your three-minute warning subtlety sounds from the corner of the room. 

Hope is lost. You are running swiftly out of time. 

It’s over. 

Your time is up, you haven’t escaped, and an odd sense of panic begins to set in. Am I getting out of here any time soon? I mean, what’s the worst that can happen?

Ok, so you have paid to be locked in a room willingly for an hour. But that’s all. You will be released! 

Here’s how to avoid the not escaping part of an Escape Room!

“Locked in”

Illusion, mystery and escapism are all integral to an Escape Room. Although you may be the one to turn the key to enter the room, and the door may come to a satisfying “snap” behind you, you’re not really locked in. 

But, where’s the fun in that? Suspend your disbelief and enjoy the ride.

Work with your team and crack the case wide open! It’s way more satisfying to play along.

Stranger danger

In this post-Lockdown world, it is unlikely that you will ever be teamed up with strangers ever again. As most rooms have a maximum capacity anyway, you and your chosen team will be the ones up against the clock.

To fit in with government guidelines, booking your game ahead of time is the only way most of us can function. 

So, pick your teammates wisely. Get some of your best multi-talented friends together and escape with style!

Our time has run out!

Depending on how busy your chosen Escape Room is, adding on bonus time is really up to the Games Master in charge. If they can see you are super close to beating the clock, they may well want to spurn you on and give you a helping hand.

Still not figured it out? 

Essentially, when you exit your game, you will be presented with two options. 

  1. You can ask your Games Master to reveal all
  2. You can ask your Games Master to reveal nothing and try again at a later date

So, choose wisely. There’s no victory in defeat after all!

Don’t be disheartened

Depending on the game you have participated in, it may surprise you to know that only a small percentage of teams manage to “escape.” 

Escape Rooms are designed to be challenging. With that in mind, some of the greatest brains in your team’s arsenal may not be able to grasp the full picture in front of them. 

Like any game, an Escape Room requires skill but also effective communication and listening skills. Think of it as a good building foundation. What have you learnt from your experience? Is there anything you would change? Could you play again with a different team?

Am I safe?

First off, we wouldn’t be able to operate if you weren’t safe! Where’s the fun in that? 

Your safety is paramount to your enjoyment of the game. Escape Rooms are built with our players in mind. Engineering strategies and things for you to discover are all designed to be accessible. 

That doesn’t mean that you will solve the puzzle. However, it does mean that you can have a jolly good time while you try!

Bathroom break

The sudden desire to have a bathroom break can surprise the best of us at the most inconvenient of times. 

If you need to go, there is always a way to contact your Games Master – whether that be an “escape button” or a simple telephone call, you can leave the room whenever you want. 

Just remember, time waits for no-one. So, try not to take too long if you want to beat the game with time to spare.

Can I use my phone?

Think of an Escape Room as a door into another world. Devoid of the distractions of 21st Century living, your game requires your focus and attention. 

Now, can you do that with your phone in hand?

When you enter the Games Master’s office, or simply the reception, you will be asked to leave your belongings (including your mobile phone) in a secure place. 

It’s actually all part of the joy. Stepping over the threshold with nothing more than your teammates and yourself to get you through the game, is all part of the adventure. 

Ready to escape? Afraid that you won’t? Prepare yourself for one of the most unique experiences with one of our Escape Rooms. If you don’t beat the clock, it’s worth giving it a shot anyway!

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