Why Children are Great at Escape Rooms?

“Out of the mouths of babes” is a testament to how children tend to say it how they see it. Their experience of the world is less shaped than your own, so kids have fewer preconceptions and judgements about each situation they face. 

Enter the game master’s lair. 

Children love escape rooms. They are places full of adventure and discovery and let imaginations run wild. But more than that, they are incredibly interactive and immersive and allow kids to explore, rummage in boxes and reach smaller places. 

Let’s delve deeper! Here’s why children are so great at escape rooms:

Boundless energy!

Children are all or nothing. They simply don’t run out of energy, particularly when they are confronted by an exciting experience. Escape rooms give them the space to burn off all their energy while stimulating their brain and allowing them to push boundaries safely. 

Creative thinking in abundance

Escape rooms naturally make you think. You have to string clues together, solve puzzles, crack codes and uncover mysteries embedded in the game’s story. 

Children are curious creatures. They aren’t afraid to ask questions, no matter how silly they sound, and simply read the world through innocent eyes that often strike the heart of a problem – often unintentionally. 

An escape room is a fully immersive, creative experience. Kids thrive in the storytelling elements of the game, thinking outside of the box and will often spot things quicker than their adult counterparts! 

Small spaces? No problem 

Some games require you to crawl around on the floor, spot things in tight, cramped spaces or spot clues that are quite frankly placed lower than the average eye range! Children are not only more nimble players, but they can’t help themselves when it comes to exploring smaller spaces! 


Most children aren’t afraid of a challenge. Whether that’s topping a leaderboard, solving a puzzle quickly or just throwing themselves all into a situation, kids tend to have fewer limitations than adults. 

For instance, their experiences haven’t been shaped by the same things as you or I. Children, instead, are still learning about their world, and a lot of that comes from play! Where you might take a step back and overthink a situation, they won’t have the same thought process as you with your fully developed brain. 

Children are less likely afraid to speak their mind, continue their search for clues and won’t feel the same sense of time pressure as you! 

Friends make the world go round

Children are typically sociable, community-driven beings! They want to make connections with their parents, their siblings and make friends. And what better way to experience that than an escape room! 

An escape room encourages teamwork, to the point that you’ll struggle to make your escape without working together. During gameplay, your child’s ability to work in a group setting will be enhanced. They will earn and develop: 

  • Self-confidence
  • Active listening
  • How to connect with others
  • Dependability
  • How to think on the spot 
  • How to think beyond their own experiences 

Beyond all those wonderful characteristics, your child will discover how working in a team can give you a sense of belonging and how to rely on those around you. 

More absorbed in the story 

There is a reason why numerous experts encourage reading with children. It builds up confidence, self-esteem, their vocabulary and more. But it also encourages your child to go beyond the words on the page, use their imagination and step into someone else’s shoes during the story. 

Escape rooms are designed with a theme or story in mind. 

There is a definitive beginning: when you step through the door and find out the skeleton of the story and what you need to do to make your escape. There is a middle where you find all the plot’s missing parts, such as codes and clues. And, of course, an end: where you crack the case wide open and make your escape before time runs out.

Children will be invested in everything from the characters to the motives behind what happens in the story. But unlike you or I, they can entirely suspend their disbelief entirely and wholly invest in the story. 

More inclined to role play

Kids are fantastic at role play, whether they are fighting pirates, playing the hero or flying around in a spaceship. From a very young age, they will want to imitate their favourite people (that’s you mum, dad, sibling, pet!), play doctor, vet, fireman, jet pilot…

You see, role play is an essential part of child development. It’s a way to build confidence, communication, physical development, creativity and problem-solving! But more than that, it’s an excellent way for children to get into character and act out real-life roles or fictional performances in a comfortable way. 

Now, watch that level of role-playing unfold in an escape room! They can even dress up and take their experience to the next level. 

They love to have fun!

Children are all about the fun; the more adventure they can have, the better! 

Escape rooms don’t shy away from delivering incredible special effects, atmospheric soundtracks and, of course, one heck of a ride – all in sixty minutes. 

Now imagine you’re a kid. You step into an unknown era – a room decked out in authentic props, real-life-looking prison cells, space ships, dance floors or WWII! And you get to explore, feel like a detective and have the time of your life in a safe space like no other. 

Escape room games will become your child’s favourite playground! With an ultimate goal in mind, a friendly team around them and one of the most unique experiences the entertainment industry has to offer – what’s not to like? 
Ready, steady, go! Children love an adventure, to get lost in a story and get stuck in! From role-playing to letting their imaginations run wild, you’ve just found your kid’s next favourite game! Why not check out our exclusive children’s parties – perfect for ages 6 to 13 years!?